Crank Pot.

I’ve been really cranky lately.

I just can’t put my finger on what’s making me cranky. I explode at people over the slightest things. And no, it’s not that time of the month.

I was supposed to go for an art festival yesterday. Moo and Cy decided to tag along so I drove.

Since I didn’t know the place, I referred to my Google Maps while driving.

Yes, it was probably a little dangerous, but I’ve always done that coz I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how Waze works.

Moo had a fit in the car about how I was putting everyone’s lives at risk. She went on for the entire time I was driving, I couldn’t even concentrate and missed the turning twice.

So in the end I told her that we were going home. And that the past two hours was for fk all.

She shut up.

I understood her concern, but hasn’t anyone heard of not disturbing the driver when they’re driving? She could’ve saved all her sentiments for when we were there.

Just one of the things that completely ruined my mood yesterday.

I crave for something deep fried and smothered in unhealthiness nao. Like a KFC Cheesy Zinger burger.

Pretty Much Clueless

I was talking to Moo on how meaningless life is.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate life. I have a job, a car, a roof over my head, warm clothes and an awesome bed. And food.

I’m just having a quarter-life crisis.

I keep feeling like this isn’t my calling.

But what is my calling?


I wanna travel. But I have too many commitments.

Moo said “You can’t just up and run away. You’ll have to take care of us when we’re old.”’s not like I have a choice, do I?

Anyway I’m trying to write one blog post per day. It’s such a hassle to plan a proper post, so I’ll just write whatever crap comes to mind.

I went on a boat today for an assignment. The boat guy was cute.His name was Joseph and he had the tightest ass I’ve ever seen, wrapped beneath bermuda shorts. I should not stare at people’s asses the first time I meet them.

He was also really tanned and had ripped muscles all over. What a beach babe.

… Soooo yeah. It was bloody hot today. And not just the weather.

The Suckiest Weekend

It’s a sunday.

Your neighbour decides to wake you up by playing annoying apek songs on their stereo at full blast at 9 am in the morning. You try to go back to sleep but your mum suddenly has this urge to walk in and out of your room to take the clothes from the wardrobe.

You switch on the computer after breakfast to do the stupid assignment on some old dead guy’s views on cultural imperialism. You sit in front of the screen for hours, with the assignment going nowhere.

When you’re finally done, your printer decides to act up and refuses to work, even after 45 minutes of tinkering around.

*tears hair out in frustration*

Your two noob-computer parents come in to sibuk and inquire what is wrong. Your “genius” dad decides to fiddle around with the controls, make the whole thing act up even worse, then shrug his shoulders and go out, leaving you in an even worse predicament.
Your mum goes about nagging about the tangled wires behind the computer and why you cant pack them up neatly. *Are you picking my brains? Hw am I supposed to pack up wires? You want me to get electrocuted? * (This coming from a woman who doesn’t even know how to switch off the computer properly)

And later, you will have to go out to practice driving in the sweltering hot sun because your dragon lady mother thinks u should and wont take no for an answer.