I’m feeling extremely lazy again. To write anything. Meh, so uninspired. Just got back from a food review. Since Ramadhan’s just around the corner there’s been a spate of nomming at hotel buffets. I don’t even want to work out anymore since it’s not gonna be effective anyway. Nah, I keed. I have to push myself to do it. Like how I’m pushing myself to … Continue reading Uninspiring

Tokio Hotel Obssession

Random doodle. Took hubby’s colourful pens to conteng . Intended to draw hubby in his white and black chequered shirt, but coloured his hair blue instead. Busying with assignments. PS: Been listening to old P.O.D songs and falling in love with them all over again. 🙂 Absolutely obssessed with Tokio Hotel lately. I think if people asked me if I’d marry hubby or Bill Kaulitz, … Continue reading Tokio Hotel Obssession