Review: Shin Class Cafe, Puchong Utama

It’s been awhile since the fam and I were able to dine out together (due to the 2-per-car restriction), but since this was lifted recently, we went to check out a place near my old high school called Shin Class Cafe. it’s a fitting name, since the cafe is within a kindergarten/daycare centre. The owner, Sarah, decided to convert the space upstairs into a dining/ chill out spot, since there aren’t as many students at the kindie these days.


We had the whole place to ourselves, and sat in the front room which had low, round tables made from used tyres, cosy pillows and bar stools. The Christmas decorations were simple but cheerful. Service is friendly and attentive here – the staff who attended to us actually works as one of the teachers at the kindie.


The menu offers fusion fare. Aside from the usual cafe-style drinks like coffee, ice lemon tea, ice-blended beverages and the like, you can also expect rice and pasta dishes. Prices are very reasonable.


(Above) Ice-blended chocolate topped with whipped cream. The drink was not too sweet, and was creamy without being cloying.

I like the fact that this is a small, family-run business. Sarah’s daughter makes the drinks, while she cooks. She shares that she learned how to cook from her parents, who used to run a food business in Port Dickson.


Moo’s Lemon Chicken with Rice (RM8.90), which was served with a sunny side up. Portions are generous, and the rice is fragrant as it incorporates butterfly pea flower.


Pops had the Butter Cheese Chicken With Rice (RM8.90).


Felt like having noodles, so I ordered the Creamy Pasta (RM9.90). Aside from the egg, it also came with some cocktail sausages, and loads of ham in the pasta. The pasta was cooked al dente, and the cream was not overpowering. It’s nothing super fancy, but tasty nonetheless – just comforting, home cooked food.

For vegetarians, Shin Class Cafe makes meatless dishes as well.

While it’s definitely not a high-end ‘Instagrammable’ cafe, Shin Class Cafe is a charming little nook where you can enjoy a coffee and a hot meal in a cosy, quiet environment. What makes it such a nice place is the hospitality, though – the owner and staff are warm and friendly, and do their best to make you feel welcome. Prices are very reasonable, so come visit and you’ll be supporting a small local business with your patronage! 🙂

They also do delivery and take-aways. For orders, Whatsapp 012 218 7350, or contact Tony (011 36981071)


1, Jalan PU 10/8, Taman Puchong Utama, 47140 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 11AM – 7PM (closed every second Wednesday of the month)

Food Review: Dai Pai Dong – Puchong Utama Chinese Restaurant

MUM’s b-day was last weekend, but she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to go anywhere fancy, so we ended up just going to a nearby Chinese restaurant in Puchong Utama. The place was simply called Dai Pai Dong (in Cantonese, that’s ‘hawker stall’).


The waitress was from Mainland China and spoke no English or Cantonese. Our family being twinkies, we had a hard time understanding what she was saying. Somehow we ended up ordering their ‘house special’, which was chicken in a vege sauce of mushrooms, garlic and carrots. The chicken’s texture was tough and dry despite the sauce, which was quite tasteless. Not very impressive.


Claypot seafood tofu.. which was also tasteless. On the bright side, that means that they weren’t heavy-handed on the MSG. Too much soup, not enough ingredients


The saving grace was the salted egg yolk squid, which was fresh, springy and crunchy no the outside, besides being well-seasoned and flavourful.


It was cheap though – four dishes (+ stir fried spinach and rice) came to about RM50+ which is very affordable for Chinese restaurants these days.

Dai Pai Dong 

(Same row as Domino’s Pizza), Jalan PU2/7, Taman Puchong Utama, 47100, Puchong, Selangor