Jen & Pin’s Birthday / CNY Shopping


Woot ! This is long overdue, coz I just got the pix from Nicole. Jenny and SP’s belated birthday celebration (and partly to celebrate the last day of exams, whee!) Bel and I wanted to ‘surprise; them while they were busy singing karaoke, but we took too long to get the cake so they kinda figured it out lol. Surprise failed. 😦


The birthday girls.

We were at Green Box Karaoke in Sungei Wang. It’s actually my first time here and the environment is nice, clean and much more affordable than other karaoke joints, with a great selection of songs. Plus you get free flow of snacks and drinks, unlike Redbox which is effing stingy with their condiments wtf.


Went CNY Shopping with the boyfie yesterday at Sunway Pyramid. We took a taxi from IOI and GUESS WHAT? the taxi BROKE DOWN on the way. Good thing we were almost there, so we walked the rest of the way.


When I say ‘shopping’, it was mostly him rather than me.
I bought a formal skirt from Padini (for work). The boy bought:

  • Grey converse shoes (finally! he’s converted to converse-ism)
  • 2 shirts from IZO and a pair of jeans
  • 6 pairs of underwear XD
  • facial wash and toner. (He bought facial wash and then showed it to me and i said wtf u buy facial wash for when u wanted to buy toner. he said “oh.” and then we went back to Watson’s to buy toner. lol. )


We tried this outlet called Ninja Joe, which serves pork burgers. the price was RM5.50 for a “solo ninja”, the smallest portion of pork burger available. And it was rather tiny ahaha. It kinda tasted like minced “ham choi with pork”, and I opted for black pepper sauce to go with the drink (Zing soda, separate RM4.50 WTF! damn expensive -__-) The food was okay, the outlet was okay, the price was not okay.



The deco at Sunway Pyramid revolves around “Chinese Opera”. They have these huge opera heads at the main area.

From now til January 2, they’ll also have free redemption of these cute angpau packets with opera designs. Just spend RM150 in two receipts and you’ll be entitled to redeem a set. One set has four designs and eight packets.


Hungry in the evening, so went to makan at Snowy.


Mango sherbet with coconut milk and glutinous black rice pudding (RM8). The portion was HUMUNGOUS. Two people can share, but the taste wasn’t anything to shout about.


The squid rings were good (RM7). Salty, peppery and crunchy on the outside, juicy and springy on the inside. =)
That’s all for now. Going out for Green Hornet and Kissaten tonight. The boy threw a slight tantrum yesterday coz it was late and i needed to go back and he couldn’t eat his Unagi at Ichiban Ramen. Ahaha. tonight we go eat, okay? don’t lao gai. =)