Week 9 – 5.6kg

Hi guys! I haven’t posted a weigh-in a longgg time – mainly because I’ve been busy + a teensy bit embarrassed because my weight hasn’t been going down as much as I thought it should. .___. Sometimes it’s really frustrating that you’re following all these rules to healthier eating – portioned meals, balanced nutrition, lots of water, etc but it doesn’t show up on the scales. Anyway, it’s still amazing that I’ve lost this much in a short time, considering that I’m almost in my mid-twenties now and my metabolism is slowing down.

Since then, I haven’t even lost one kilo. In fact, I gained weight again because that was my grandma’s birthday week and I went for a holiday so I didn’t control my food intake. The past couple of weeks, my weight has been fluctuating. Last Monday, I went for my weekly weigh-in and breathed a sigh of relief that I finally seem to be moving in the right direction again.

I initially started off weighing 76.3kg (168lbs). For a 1.61mtall person (about 5’3), I was definitely obese. Now I don’t mind being slightly tubby, but I was really unhealthy. My body fat, which should have been 16% at healthy levels, was a whopping 40.1. That’s almost three times than normal. It wasn’t a surprise then that my heart felt like exploding every time I climbed a flight of stairs. And because I used to be athletic in high school, my muscles were ‘solidly built’ – meaning that the fat would have burrowed right underneath them, making it harder to lose weight compared to really obese people. To break that down, apart from proper nutrition, lots of exercise. Which, I admit, hasn’t been easy squeezing into my busy work schedule.

When people say that ‘fat is a choice’ (discounting those born with genetic problems, etc)… as far as the saying goes, I believe in it. At least in my case. I was once a slim, lithe and athletic person in high school. I played basketball and Taekwondo. But then I sprained my back muscles during practice and dislocated my backbone (ouch!), and was bedridden for two months. It wasn’t the same after, coz I couldnt’ play such high-intensity sports anymore. Then I let myself go by stress-eating…not even attempting to exercise at all, making unhealthy food choices… and winded up where I am today.

Just like I believe that sometimes, people choose to be unhealthy, the inverse applies.  WE make the choice to be healthy. Right now, I am making that choice.There are times when my willpower weakens, when I want to stuff my face with fried food and doughnuts and whatnot, but that is where moral support plays a huge part. I’m glad that I have supportive coaches, family and friends. It’s hard to do it on your own.

Anyway, I’ve been rambling a lot haven’t I? Back to the topic at hand… my latest weigh-in clocked me in at 70.7kg (156lbs). So close to falling below the 70 mark!  I hope that by Monday (my next weigh in) I’ll have shed that few hundred grams. So close, yet so far.

Although weight-wise, it hasn’t shown much improvement, I’m still happy because there has been a significant drop in my body fat percentage (1 percent! That might seem like peanuts, but that’s a lot to me.) Which means that I’ve lost 2.6 percent of my fat.. just one step closer to 16 percent. yey. Water… needs improvement. It’s hard to work when you drink so much water and have to constantly pee. My boss might think I’m slacking off. I do try to drink lots of liquid while in the office, but I cant’ do so when I’m out on assignments… I can’t be always looking for a toilet while interviewing people, can I? Visceral fat hasn’t dropped.. but still an improvement from the previous 8 to 7. And finally, inner age has dropped from 49 to 45. Whoop! I’ve gained a whole four years of life.

Do you understand how significant that is? When I was first told that my inner age was that of a 49-year-old woman, I almost died then and there……. Okay I didn’t, but my heart sank from the thought. My mum is 55, and here I am, her daughter, physically 24 but only a couple of years behind internally. As much as I whine about stuff, I like living. Life has a lot of things to offer. I want to live to a ripe old age and gain lots of experiences before I clock out. It was that moment, when my coach told me that I was 24 going on 49, that I really decided to change. 

It hasn’t been easy, but I’m gonna continue working til I get back to my own ‘age’.

Anyway, if you’ve been wondering how my nutrition plan is. It’s not for everyone – coz I know some people don’t believe in eating supplements and stuff – they’d rather just go for plain ol exercise and healthy eating. For myself, I take Herbalife Nutrition Shakes for breakfast and dinner, everyday. Without fail. It is costly. The three month set of shakes and protein cost me RM2,000. But I believe in it, because I have seen results. The way I see it, the shakes have helped me to stave off hunger while providing me with the nutrients my body needs, and I don’t have to worry about prepping breakfast due to my busy schedule. It suits my lifestyle, but understandably, not everyone’s.

The point of this post isn’t to promote to you stuff, but I just felt like I should mention it since people would be wondering how I came to lose weight. Of course, it would be impossible to drink the shakes, then gorge on fried chicken and salami during lunch time. (doesn’t work that way!) It has to go hand in hand with eating healthily, plus exercise.

I’ll be glad if you can share with me your weight-loss/healthy lifestyle tips in the comments section below, and hopefully this story has helped to inspire you a little if you’re planning on losing weight.:)

One Month Weigh In – 3.7kg

SO I promised you guys that I’d update on my weight loss progress after a month >:) It hasn’t been super fast, but there has been steady results and I’m happy for that!:)

To those who are new to this blog, I have been following a nutrition programme byHerbalife for the past month, which involves meal replacements with healthy shakes, controlled meal portions (without sacrificing on the nutrients needed) as well as exercise (although I admit I haven’t had much time in that department .___.) While in the process, of course, there are basic guidelines to follow. Things like staying away from fried foods, carbs, eating meals on time and drinking lots of water still applies. This is not a diet. Diets tend to crash and burn because when we starve ourselves, our body stores fat and our metabolism slows down, making it even more difficult to lose weight.

I have to admit that I allocated at least one cheat day for myself, because it was kind of a reward thing that I look forward to every week. I had to, or I’d go crazy. The first few days were the hardest, coz I was constantly dreaming of cheeseburgers and chocolate and fried food. But these days, the cravings aren’t so bad – I still get the need for McDo twice or more in a week, but they have gradually lessened.

Anyway, here are ze results:

Starting weight on Aug 21: 76.3 kg – 40.1% body fat.

Weigh in on Aug 26: 75.1 kg – 39.9% body fat (-1.2kg)

Weigh in on Sept 1: 74.8 kg – 39.6% body fat (-0.3kg) – very slight change, even though this was the week I stuck most to my routine. I was quite discouraged.

Weigh in on Sept 8: 73.5 kg – 38.9% body fat (-1.3kg) – I was very happy this week coz my visceral fat(the fat around your organs), which was a very unhealthy count of 8, dropped to 7. My inner age also dropped from 49 to 48. Yes, that’s a whole year, folks! I am also aware I have the body of an old woman, which is why I’m putting myself through this before I die of an early heart attack.

Weigh in on Sept 22: 72.6 kg – 38.5% body fat (-0.9kg) – I missed nearly two weeks in between weigh ins and the loss was smaller than I expected….. but I was cheating a lot during my trip to Kluang with the family. xD I was also happy this week because I lost two whole inches off my waist, and that’s no mean feat. No wonder my shorts felt looser on the waist. :3

Total weight loss: 3.7kg (-1.6% body fat). 

Yay! This in itself is an achievement for me, because in recent years I have been gaining so much weight and just ballooned bigger and bigger with no brakes due to stress eating and a sedentary lifestyle. Seeing myself make a change, stick to a plan and lose weight is an accomplishment, and I’m proud. It’s also satisfying to get up on the scale and see the numbers go down instead of up, knowing that you’re one step closer to a life filled with possibilities.

Since I met England, he has shown me that I have much to live for, and I realise that I love life very much. Especially if it’s to spend the rest of it with him.:) He’s my inspiration and encouragement. And I hope (since you’re reading this :P) that you’ll join me in this journey so that we’ll both be healthy and have a whole lifetime to spend together.❤ eeee mushy eh.

Wish me luck and courage in my weight loss and quest to be healthier! I’ll keep you guys posted on my next weight in.