Food has always been my greatest hurdle when it comes to being healthy.

I don’t mind working out, but it’s so hard to control what I eat – especially when the fried, the fatty and the sugary stuff are always the ones that taste the best.

Since I started work, I’ve turned to food as a means to relieve stress. This was why my weight ballooned to 76kg in the first place. Once I quit my old job, I got it down to 68  – still some ways to go, but an achievement all the same. I work out at least three times a week, but food is still a struggle as I’d sneak in a couple of snacks here and there, and way too often: causing my weight to plateau even after months of working out.

This past week has been really hectic, and I’ve gone back to that dangerous habit of binging. I’d grab McDonalds for breakfast, get some carb-loaded mixed rice and fried chicken for lunch, and then roast pork and instant noodles for dinner. And then I’d work out out of guilt.

I know this has to change. I need to find a stress reliever that isn’t food. I need to rewire my brain to tell itself that ‘reward’ is not a giant bag of potato chips. I’m 25, and we all know the body’s metabolism and functions all go downhill from here.

If I’m to start living healthy and changing my lifestyle, it has to be now.