Christmas Meetup with the Midnight Gang

SO I met up with the Midnight Gang on Boxing Day. 

Nah, we’re not some Asian mafia…. it’s just a nickname the four of us came up with as students in the UK, because we used to hangout way past midnight in our apartment to gossip, make pancakes and have fattening suppers of fish n chips and garlic mayo ‘dabao-ed‘ from the nearby kebab shops. It’s been two years since our last gathering  – I mean, I’ve seen Mabel around since she works with a company that my newspaper deals with a lot, but I haven’t seen Jo and Eenoch for a long time. Since the latter was in KL for a couple of days, we decided to have a quick meetup session at The Curve.


Catching up on how everyone was doing… and then it was time to exchange presents!  I was really touched that they got me things that I actually liked.. (the forever dilemma of buying presents for someone is wondering if they’ll like it or not. I usually just ask them what they want). I guess they weren’t my classmates for four years for nothing.


Bel, me, Eenoch and Jo. We talked about the good ol’ student days.. it wasn’t that long ago, but in between working and just living life, it seemed like years. We’re all a little older and wiser, but I think deep down inside, we’re still the same. And that’s a good thing!


Handmade heart card from Mabel.


A notebook with custom stamps from Jo, bag, and a cutesy owl mug from Typo from Eenoch.

SAM_6186-tile SAM_6187-tile

Mabel gave me and Jo an accessory set with these lovely earrings! Altho the piercing on my left ear has closed.


Merry Christmas, guys!

Jelly Mooncakes


Went to Feeling Cafe in Wangsa Maju with the Mummy. RM7.90++ for turkey ham spaghetti. Recommended 🙂 Tastewise 8/10. the turkey ham tasted like bacon, which i love. 😀 Comes with a glass of cold honey milk.


Side order of tempura calamari . A little too oily though.


Patrick Starfish’s much cuter cousin. 😀
Present for Mummys birthday, supposedly, but i couldn’t resist playing with it for a bit.


Saturday. Had culture class. (du lan Saturday also have to go class)
Miss kik told us a creepy ghost story O.O
Went to mummy’s house after class to do our project for culture presentation.


Some of the ingredients


Red bean filling


View from Mummy’s condo


Penthouse, woo! I love mummy’s house, I wish my house is like that.


Tada! It looks like the real thing, no? Didn’t taste too bad either. But then again, most of the stuff was made by mummy, I was just playing and makan only. 😛


It’s Earth Hour! I’m still online. I don’t think I’ll be observing it this year. Lots of assignments to do.



Tokio Hotel Obssession


Random doodle. Took hubby’s colourful pens to conteng . Intended to draw hubby in his white and black chequered shirt, but coloured his hair blue instead.


Busying with assignments.

PS: Been listening to old P.O.D songs and falling in love with them all over again. 🙂

Absolutely obssessed with Tokio Hotel lately. I think if people asked me if I’d marry hubby or Bill Kaulitz, I’d pick the latter. XD But then BK doesn’t know I exist anyway, so it’s just wishful thinking… 😛

Tokio Hotel, please come to Singapore or Malaysia for a concert!

Third Semester

The third sem is really crazy.
1. Prepare IR tutorial presentation. ‘Lucky’ to get first. Whooopeee
2. IR Assignment framework
3. Every week, read up stuff about Malaysia and its international relations. For someone who is totally ‘sesat’ who doesn’t even know who Ban Ki Moon until recently (why am I in Journalism?), this is equivalent to weekly mental torture. Haha. Politics was bad enough the last two semesters.
3. Culture Assignment
All this in six weeks. Since first week passed, I feel like want to mati. This Thursday, I have class from 8 a to 6pm, which means that I have to get up at 530am and reach home at 830pm. I’m out of the house for more than 15 hours straight. Gila. And I’ll be seeing the same tutor for six hours in a day. Not that I don’t like her, but you spend six hours with one person you also sien la, correct mou?
I don’t think I’ll be updating so much because I’ll be so super busy. I actually have a few posts pending (I went to watch Book of Eli, which was a zzz film) but I feel so energy-less to update. Next time first ya.


Haven’t been blogging for these few days.
I got super sick on Sunday (Fever + sore throat + headache), and then on Monday I shit more than 10 times to the point that my legs became jelly. So basically I was lying on the bed, my head swimming, and then I’d crawl to the toilet to shit, and then I’d go back to the bed and lie there again.
I’m finally better today and went for the Production and Publication exam, which I obviously didn’t do well at because I was sick and I didn’t study. 😡 (okay if nothing happened to me I guess I wouldn’t have studied anyway). Now I’ll have to prepare for Advertising exam on Saturday. Cilakoi Saturday morning also have to wake up early to go to college.
So guess what was the first meal I had after recovering from sickness?
Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Coke and Twister fries.
Ahhhh. So satisfying, after eating tasteless stuff over the last few days. I know I’m courting death, eating this right after recovering. But the burger was on my mind all the time. It’s like when you’re sick and lying in bed, and you have someone you really wanted to see. Turns out for me, it was McD.
Bought this today. Comic Classroom B. The cover is so sexy! Well, just like the first book in the series, it interviews local cartoonists about their work and offers some insight and tips into producing your own comics. Book B features my favourite local cartoonist, Keith, as well as other well known local cartoonists such as Kaoru, Slaium, Puppeteer, Oga and Zuan.
Hubby discovered that Slaium’s nickname is an anagram of his name (Sau Lim). So he decided to jumble up his own name and see how it sounded like.
Chee Kai = Ckhaeie.
I think I like his normal name better. xD
Okies, so I’m signing off for now. Gotta study. *gambate!*