30-Day Writing Challenge – Day 11: An Adventure In The Kitchen

11. An Adventure In The Kitchen

First things first: I am not much of a cook.

When I was younger, my mother ruled the kitchen with an iron-fist, and would often shoo me out because I wasn’t cutting something right or wasn’t quick enough to take the pan off the heat, etc. Over the years, my interest waned, and while she did eventually try to get me to cook, I was completely disinterested by then. There’s also a complicated food dynamic in my household; they don’t eat what I eat, and I can’t feel bothered to cook something that I don’t like (because why the effort, then?). Living alone in the UK, I had more freedom to experiment, but my cooking was still basic – edible (occasionally tasty) but not exactly 5-star fare.

A couple of years ago when my ex came to visit me from the States, he thought of impressing my folks with what I couldn’t do – cook a nice meal. My ex is not a bad cook, and I was touched that he was expending such effort. On the menu was pork adobo, spaghetti and fruit salad. I was to assist.

Shopping for ingredients was an adventure in itself, because many of the items he was used to were not available in Malaysia, or were called by a different name so it was difficult to look for them. We couldn’t find bayleaf, so we had to leave that out of the adobo (although he insisted that it wasn’t true adobo if there wasn’t bayleaf), and for the spaghetti he requested ‘tomato sauce’.

Now this was the funniest part. To Malaysians (myself included), tomato sauce = ketchup and not the canned tomato sauce type Westerners use for pasta. Mistaking this (and me not realising), we ended up putting ketchup in our spaghetti! Of course it was super sweet and almost inedible, but all else considering, having 2/3 dishes right was not too bad.

While we might not have broken up on good terms, this kitchen adventure has stuck with me because they were some of the good moments in our relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and if you aren’t able to look past the bitterness after a breakup, I think you’d carry a lot of resentment and hate in your heart. Which is why despite going our separate ways, I look back on this fondly.

Game Over

You know what they say about jinxing things when you say them out loud? I kind of believed that. Maybe it’s karma. But yeah, my (now ex) boyfriend broke up with me last night.

Fell asleep at 6am today. Then I had to wake up at 8am for work.

Was supposed to go for an assignment, but decided to fuck it and go into the office instead. Left work early coz I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Hid in the toilet and cried coz I didn’t want colleagues to ask me why I had tears practically leaking out of my eyes. ;___;

It’s evening now and I just finished preparing notes for tomoro. Gonna start a new part-time job lecturing kids. Feeling slightly better now that I’ve stuffed myself with food.

Do I feel sad? Yes, the knee-jerk reaction was to bawl my eyes out. I thought of making it work, I really did. But he said LDR was too hard. Now I just feel kinda.. hollow.



I think I need that doughnut fix now.