An Open Letter To My Boyfriend: 17 Reasons I Love You

PS: I wanted to do one for every day we’ve been together but 508 was just too many, so I took the lazy way out and did one for each month instead. 😛

Dear Neil,

1 ) You make me laugh like no one else does. Except maybe Russell Peters, but I have to pay to watch his show lol. Granted, you always say I’m the only one who would laugh at your lame jokes, so it’s proven that we’re made for each other.

2) You tell me that I’m beautiful everyday. Without fail, since day one. Even on days when I feel like a potato. ❤

3 ) You look out for me. It’s just the little things that you do which you might not have realised. Like grabbing my hand and leading me across the road, or letting me walk on the inside of the pavement when we’re on the street. Or stopping for a rest when you notice I’m tired from walking.

4) You’re nakakagigil. You eliminate my need for blushers. I get naturally pink cheeks from you constantly pinching me.

5 ) Your belly. AKA your ultimate weapon to stop me from crying coz I can’t help but laugh when I see it lol.

6 ) You’re attractive. And we will have beautiful bebes.

7) You love food. If you didn’t, it’d be a deal breaker.

8) We share a lot in common. Like our mutual dislike for idiots.

9) Your indomitable spirit. Things may get you down, but you always pick yourself up and start again. It’s something I really admire in you.

10) You think for the future: one with both of us in it. It’s touching to know that you have to make sacrifices or decisions that are not always the best for you, but you do it anyway because you’re thinking of the long term, for us.

11) You’re patient with my bullshit. Includes the (many) times I have blown my top when I was PMS-ing or being unreasonable.

12) You give up things for me. Even though you’re thrifty, you’re willing to spend money to buy me nice things if it makes me happy.

13) How you like to watch teleseryes and K-dramas. Tender boyo at heart.

14) You’re romantic. Surprised I’m not diabetic yet with all the sweet words and gestures you shower me with.

15) You are my shoulder to cry on. When I’m sad or feeling down, I can count on you to listen to my problems and comfort me. Even if it’s the middle of the night and I wake you up from your sleep.

16) You let me be me, and more. I’m completely comfortable in being my crazy, random self with you, whilst inspiring me to be the best that I can be.

17) Just because. This is not because I ran out of reasons to write about. Nope.

Here’s to a lifetime of Valentine’s with you. ❤ 


Nom Time – Cooking Adobo

The saying goes: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” … but it also applies for women, boys, girls, children… everyone. Who doesn’t like good food?

While he was visiting me in Malaysia two weeks ago, E took this to heart and said he wanted to cook dinner for my family. So we went…grocery shopping!

“I need this, and this, and this….”


It’s actually difficult to grocery shop in Malaysia because a lot of stuff that he gets from ‘Asian markets’ are not available in hypermarkets. We hunted really long for bayleaf, but couldn’t find it. D: We almost had another crisis because he couldn’t find some sort of milk (it’s called a different name in the US. See, I forgot it already.) but apparently we got the right one this time. It’s condensed milk.

The main dish for the night was, ofc, his Filipino specialty – pork adobo. Thick cut strips of pork belly needs to be boiled until soft and tender.

Then he added loads of soy sauce, vinegar and black pepper into the water. Apparently you have to add bayleaf as well but since we couldn’t find it…

The meat needs to be cooked again by pan frying on medium heat together with the garlic.

Imo, it tastes like the braised pork that my mum makes but she usually uses lean meat. Pork belly adds a nice touch of texture between lean and fat, but it was quite sour (maybe too much vinegar?). Still yummy nonetheless. And anyway, the cooking comes from the heart. 🙂

Did it win my parents over? Maybe. Plus brownie points 😛