Wongpan Dim Sum Restaurant, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Wongpan is a new dim sum spot in SS2, where diners can enjoy their food in air conditioned comfort, in a clean and modern setting. The menu has a decent selection of dim sum, including steamed and fried varieties, as well as some desserts. Since it was a weekday and the resto was quite empty when the Hubs and I dropped by for brunch, we were served quickly.

Here’s what we ordered!

(Clockwise from bottom left): char siew bao (steamed pork buns), chee cheong fun (rice rolls), deep fried shrimp rolls, har gaw (steamed shrimp dumplings), and Salad Har (deep fried shrimp dumplings).

As a self-professed char siew bao connoisseur, the Hubs gave the buns here an okay, stating that while buns were soft and fluffy; he prefers the filling at our usual dimsum place in Puchong. He also lamented that for the price, it was disappointing that there were only two buns instead of three.

One can’t go wrong with har gaw, and the ones here are good, with big, juicy shrimps enveloped within chewy, slightly translucent skin.

The shrimp chee cheong fun was decent as well, and was served with a dollop of sambal for a bit of kick. Diners can choose to have these with barbecued pork filling or mixed too.

One can’t go wrong with the classic siew mai ! Version here is decent, with juicy pork and shrimp filling topped with tiny bits of crab roe.

The only disappointment for me was the Salad Har, as the batter was very greasy.

Compared to our usual dimsum spot, the prices here are RM1-2 more expensive for each dish. But considering the location, I would say it’s still a fair price to pay. Food is decent – so a good option if you’re looking for dim sum in an air-conditioned setting.


2, 66, Jalan SS2, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open daily from 8am – 5pm

Phone: 012-320 6320

PS: They also have another outlet in Dataran Sunway.

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