[60-minutes] Unlimited Arcade Games @ Molly Fantasy, Main Place Mall

Are you a parent looking for some family-friendly time with the little ones?

Or perhaps a bored-out-of-your-mind adult (likes yours truly) looking for something out of the ordinary to do over the weekend ?

The head on to Main Place, a neighbourhood mall in USJ where you will find, on the second floor, a tiny arcade called Molly Fantasy.

While there’s nothing extraordinary about the machines that are available, I’d like to draw attention to their special promo – where you can play unlimited games within the arcade for 60 minutes, for just RM50. Minus two games, ie Pokemon and Ultraman, everything in the arcade is fair play, from the claw machines to the basketball games, the shoot-em-ups, and the racing games.

The card requires a RM2 deposit. You can get this back after your time is up.

There’s a catch with the machines – you have to wait 20 seconds before you can tap again. But even with that, I think you get your money’s worth, especially since one play would usually cost you like RM2-3. I tried hard on the potato chips machine (because of course that’s my choice), but they just weren’t in a position where I was able to hook anything. The Hubs managed to get a rubber ball, though.

The card reader shows how much time you have left every time you tap it.

We spent most of our time on the Let’s Go Jungle shooting game (video below – but not of us playing it lol). Ordinarily, this would be RM4 per play, so the unli card is bang for your buck. Since we suck at shooting, it would definitely have cost us more than RM50 to finish the entire game (three levels plus one bonus round)

The Hubs was hooked on the basketball machines; I think he went for six or seven rounds on his own, while I shot a couple of hoops.

We didn’t go on these; not a big fan of racing games.

And just like that, 60 minutes flew by. While the game choices are quite limited, I think it’s not at all a bad way to spend an afternoon – one full shooting game, a couple of hoops, and lots of attempts at the claw machines.

The unlimited gameplay seems to be for a limited time only, so I’d head there ASAP to catch he promo!


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