Make Your Own Restaurant-Level Reunion Dishes At Home This CNY with Recipes by Professional Chefs

Reunion dinner is a long standing Chinese New Year tradition, and while some among us might not be able to dine out this year due to movement restrictions, we can still keep the spirit of the celebration alive in our homes.

Abalone and Oyster Phoenix Rolls
Abalone and Oyster Phoenix Rolls

MAGGI® Professional, in collaboration with Malaysia Selangor And Federal Territory Ku Su Shin Chong Hung Restaurant Association, has released a mini recipe book – dubbed the MAGGI® Prosperity Reunion Menu Recipe Book – featuring 10 outstanding chefs and their signature dishes.

The culinary experts share classic dishes with their own twist for this special occasion, plus helpful tips on how to create one’s own signature dish using MAGGI® Professional’s wide range of Culinary Aids, including the all-time favourite bouillon range, which comprises MAGGI® Concentrated Vegetable Stock, MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock, MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock with no added MSG, as well as the essential MAGGI® Chef’s Master Stock.

Prosperity Yee Sang
Prosperity Yee Sang

These mouth-watering recipes include the traditional Prosperity Yee Sang which gets a fresh, fruity makeover, Colourful Abacus Yam Seeds to brighten the table, the decadent Abalone & Oyster Phoenix Rolls, succulent Jade Shrimp Roll with Cherry Blossoms Rainbow Chicken and more. The full book can be viewed and downloaded at this link in PDF form, free of charge.

Not keen on cooking yourself? You can still support these chefs and the local food industry by ordering reunion dinner via takeaway:

  • Restoran Green View (Chef Lim Kin Lee, Head Chef)
  • M Cuisine (Chef Kam, Executive Chef)
  • Sun Gourmet Kitchen (Chef Sun, Kitchen Production Director and Executive Director)
  • Restoran Seafood Chiem Choo (Chef Freddie Tan, Executive Chef)
  • One Seafood Restaurant (Chef Sam Tan, Chopping Chef)
  • Restaurant Peninsula Chinese Cuisine (Chef Choong Yau Wai, Executive Chef)
  • Restaurant Kwong Chun (Chef Wong Kou Chiew, Owner and Head Chef)
  • Imperial China Restaurant (Chef Thomas Chau, Head Chef)
  • Kajang Fei Chui Restaurant (Chef Loh Chiew Heoon, Owner and Executive Chef)
  • Ku Su Shin Chong Hung’s Pastry Master (Chef Ng Meng Loong, Hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef)

For more culinary inspirations, visit or

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