Vegetarian Food in Puchong: Pure Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, Bandar Puteri

A couple of years ago, hipsters in the West sang praises about the “Impossible Burger” – a burger with meat patties made from plant-based ingredients. They supposedly tasted ‘just like the real thing’.

While I’ve never tasted this impossible burger, I didn’t quite understand what the hullabaloo was all about. We’ve had mock meat in Chinese cuisine for ages (tofu-based/mushroom-based items made into ‘chicken’, ‘fish’, etc.) – because many Chinese are Buddhists or Taoists, and observe a vegetarian diet on certain days or as a lifestyle altogether.

Famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay and the late Anthony Bourdain (as well as food critic/host Andrew Zimmern’s) have all been pretty critical of vegetarian/vegan food in the past. I am of course no world-famous chef, but I think that vegetarian food, when prepared right, can be pretty tasty (This coming from someone who dislikes veggies, lol).

Bandar Puteri Puchong has a couple of vegetarian restaurants. Most of them are still taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so they’re only offering takeaway. One of these places is Pure Heart Vegetarian, which we tried last Sunday (coincidentally the 15th of the month according to the lunar calendar, which is when most Buddhists/ Taoists observe a vegetarian diet).


You can call them up to place an order, or order online and arrange for a pickup. It is recommended to call two hours prior, as they can get pretty busy. We were lucky as our order was ready within 30 minutes. They’re very stringent on hygiene; all meals are kept sealed in boxes and only taken out when you’re ready to pick up your items. They have several contactless modes of payment such as Maybank E-Wallet, Touch N Go and Boost. While you can still pay in cash, this is discouraged.


Pure Heart offers a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as ala carte items. Portions are very generous. (Above) Moo’s ‘Chicken Rice’ – consisting of fried ‘mock’ chicken and fragrant turmeric rice.


Bro’s salted ‘fish’ fried rice, packed with peas, carrots and beansprouts.


Portuguese-style fried mushroom with rice, essentially fried oyster mushrooms on a bed of salad, served with a creamy, spicy sauce. I’m not sure why it’s called Portuguese style, but I’m guessing it’s from Macanese cuisine ie from Macau near Hong Kong, which has Portuguese influence. The sauce has birds eye chilli and tastes like spicy buttermilk. Oyster mushrooms are crispy and nicely battered, but moist on the inside without being greasy.


Pops had braised vegetable rice, a warm and hearty gravy of veggies, tofu and egg poured over white rice.

Overall, I felt that the food from Pure Heart Vegetarian was pretty tasty – so it’s definitely an option for vegetarian and vegans in Puchong. View the full menu and order at or call 03-5879 9871. 


G-40, Jalan Puteri 4/8, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 11AM – 3PM, 5PM – 7PM (9PM On Saturdays) – daily


3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Food in Puchong: Pure Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, Bandar Puteri

  1. Wow, thanks for featuring this! We’re now both on a plant-based diet because of our health condition so your post is a real treat. Now only if we had more of this kind of dishes here in the Philippines…


    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Hopefully with the rise of the vegan movement, there will be more restaurants and places selling plant-based dishes in the Phils! 🙂


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