30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 14 – The Weirdest Thing About Your Family

14. The Weirdest Thing About Your Family 

Hey guys! Sorry for missing out on entry 14 – got home late last night and was just too tired to write. Also been busy the last couple of days, so I haven’t been able to prep in advance either.

So, right. Weirdest thing about my fam. I think every family is dysfunctional / has its own quirks, so something that might seem weird to others might not be weird to me. As a family unit, I don’t see us having anything particularly unusual, but I guess I can share some individual quirks.

My mother is a stickler for organising things and can’t have anything out of place; not even a stray piece of paper. This has been a point of contention between us because being an INTP (a thinker), I’m not always organised in the real world because I’m busy sorting out my thoughts. I tend to leave things lying around and within convenient reach so that I can quickly access it (case in point, my books which I like to have on the desk, on my bed, under my bed, etc.). There were times where I couldn’t find items or documents I needed because she had put them away. She calls it lazy, I just call it being convenient.

My father is a detached person. He does his duty well as a dad in that he provides, doesn’t smoke, drink or gamble, fetches us to school, etc. but if you’re looking for any emotional support, then he’s the last person you’d go to. He doesn’t like to go out with us either and if we have to go on a family trip, prefers wandering off on his own or staying a little apart from the rest of us. He also does not have any friends. I’ve always felt that my dad was more suited to bachelorhood, but he somehow ended up with a family and is just seeing it through lol. It’s not to say he doesn’t love or care for us, though.

My brother is, to put it politely, reserved. Like my dad, he doesn’t have many friends, and spends his time working, gaming, drawing (he’s good at it) and being a hermit.

As for me, I think there isn’t enough time nor space to write about my quirks. Like the fact that I like to read about serial killers in my spare time, my interest in the macabre, my social awkwardness, my aversion to touch,  the fact that I like buying books but give excuses on reading them my obsession with cats; the list goes on.

My family isn’t perfect, but which fam is? I don’t believe in the ‘blood makes the bond’ thing – family is whom you choose them to be – but all things considered, I love my fam for who they are, quirks and all.




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