NaNoWriMo: 30-Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

Hey guys! Can’t believe that there are only two months left to 2019. You know what that means: it’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) !

NaNoWriMo was originally conceived to challenge writers to complete a novel within a month (November), but for those who find that impossible (like me, lol), the substitute would be the 30-Day Writing Challenge, which is still a good way to challenge one’s self to write more and on a consistent basis, based on daily prompts. I attempted to do this last year and lasted a grand total of … 6 days.

Andddddd I’m currently attempting this again because why? Well, I haven’t been feeling very inspired at work lately and I think I need a break. Some people might find it odd because I write for a living (why tf would I want to write even MORE?) but when you’re doing it for work, there’s always a certain style to adhere to, and always something you need to filter out. I want to write like me. Unabashedly me. Which means that if it sounds like crap sometimes and I spew nonsense, I don’t care. I just want to be me.  So there.

But I digress. Was scouring for good prompts and I found one from ravenbrave. Nevermind that it’s from 2015, still a good set of prompts.

Ergo, I present to you the 30-Day Writing Challenge:

1. The Story Behind My Profile Picture 

Well, there isn’t a story per se, but I can tell you where I was – attending a weekend creative arts festival in Putrajaya with N. It ended up being kinda lame as there weren’t many stalls, so we left after 40 minutes. It wasn’t a totally fruitless trip though, as there was a book exchange counter and I got some pretty good titles in exchange for a couple of old books I had.

I can also tell you what I was wearing: shorts and a black cardigan from H&M, a singlet from UNIQLO, a sling bag from VINCCI, and Kelabit beads which was a gift from the villagers of Bario. I dressed up for the occasion which was in itself rather unusual since I usually can’t be bothered.

Trying to pull off black lipstick can be difficult. Looking back, I think I felt confident with how I looked here, hence the smile. For a long time now, I haven’t been happy with how I look, mostly because the women in my family are petite, and I’m, well, not (and constantly reminded about it.)  I’ve always had a big frame, even when I was thinner, but the pounds piled on once I started work due to stress and a bout of depression. I’ve been working on that though (both the mental and physical), and am slowly seeing results. But I guess that’s for another post.

Well what do you know, there was a story in there after all.

On to Day 2!



One thought on “NaNoWriMo: 30-Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

  1. What a fun challenge! I’m looking forward to your answers 🙂
    It’s terrible how relatives think it’s their right to comment on other people’s weight. It can also be extremely harmful and cause serious eating problems. My mother comments on my weight all the time. Weight is not something that defines a person!!!!


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