Flickr Locked Me Out Of My Account

**Update: Someone from Flickr responded to my email, and they’re sorting things out. Hopefully this means I’ll be able to access it again soon! 

*Update 2: Service restored! Took awhile but at least something got done, which is more than can be said of many other providers. 


Hey guys!

It is as the title says, lol.

I upload a lot of photos, mostly for blogging purposes – but because premium WordPress plans for unlimited storage are crazy expensive, I put most of them in a third party host site (namely, Flickr) and embed them here. It saves space, and it’s also a lot more forgiving on the wallet. (PS: I don’t earn enough money from blogging to even pay for the domain, lol).

I’ve been using Flickr since 2016, and there are thousands of photos on my account. It used to be free, but since they introduced the whole 1,000 photos limit thing, I upgraded to a PRO account (for 50USD) just so I could stop them from deleting all my old stuff.

Last week, the site went through an upgrade, and since coming back online, I have not been able to access my account. Part of the upgrade is to do away with the Yahoo login (because previously, Flickr was owned by Yahoo before they were bought over by SmugMug), but whenever I try to login now, it redirects me to the Yahoo page, I key in the details, and it says I have to log in with my ‘updated Flickr account email’. Of which I have no idea what it is, nor have I received any emails with instructions on how to do that. I cleared all my caches and cookies, tried different browsers, etc… nothing. Emailed Flickr’s support, but judging from all the angry rants on various threads, I’m not expecting a response.

While I have copies of all my photos in cloud + hard disks, its going to be frustrating because that means I’d have to reupload and relink ALL my old posts … and there are literally hundreds, since I started this blog in 2015. Also, I think I set my Flickr to auto-renew subscription annually and I won’t be able to cancel that if I can’t access the friggin’ account. =___=”

I have another free account and the login works fine, so I’m not sure why my Pro account is acting up. It has been nearly a week and I have yet to receive any responses other than the automated one.

With this unpleasant experience, the next question is – where else can I host my photos, if not Flickr? Despite its shortcomings, I do like how easy it is to embed images into WordPress just by copying and pasting. That, and it is still one of the cheapest third party photo hosting sites out there + I am loathe to give up on my blogging hobby even though it takes up a chunk of my finances which can be better spent elsewhere.

If anyone has any suggestions for an alternative, they’re much appreciated in the comment box below. 🙂



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