F**k Off Will Ya Jack Norris

PS: I read that with Gordon Ramsay’s voice in my head. Been binging on his shows lately. 

So from time to time, I get soliciting emails for this blog, usually offering website solutions to improve SEO rankings, boost engagement and what have you. They mostly have Indian-sounding names and are written in terrible English with a hotmail or gmail address, so you know they can’t be legit. There’s actually a good article about how they work, here.

Most of the time I just ignore the mails and delete them, but I’ve been getting one too many from a ‘Jack Norris’ who has been hounding me (and countless other spam victims, I’m sure) since January.

The name is the same, but the emails used are different for each. A simple search of the phone number confirms that this is, indeed, a scam number and that Mr ‘Jack Norris’ and his multiple aliases have been at it for some time now.

So I opened one just for the heck of it. See below:

First of all, if you’re going to scam someone, use a proofreader so you don’t sound like a complete and utter fool. Secondly, the only error here is you. Delete yourself. 

Short of deleting my email from the About section (which I put there because I do get genuine people asking me about stuff on the blog), I don’t think there’s much I can do besides blocking and reporting the e-mails as scams, which is difficult to keep track of coz they’re using a new email every time. But Jack Norris? Seriously, dude. Fk off.

PS: No offense to any real Jack Norris-es out there, I’m sure you’re all nice people. 

One thought on “F**k Off Will Ya Jack Norris

  1. Been receiving the same types of email too, but they’ve tapered down now.
    Sorry to hear of this. 😦 Things like this are the reason why my ears bleed at the mention of SEO.


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