Family Time

Hey guys! Today won’t be a travel or food post (okay, kind of still a food post lol). As I get older, I tend to forget things, which is sad. It’s like I have way too much on my mind and I have to constantly move things to the back in order to make room for newer stuff – so this blog is, occasionally, a ‘diary’ of sorts to look back and see what I was up to at a certain point in time.


I rarely see my extended fam except for Chinese New Year – but one of my aunts just recently moved to a place nearby, so the Moo and I went over for the housewarming party. A small gathering, but there’s always good food to look forward to!

The space is cosy. I really like the nook she made next to the window, complete with bookshelves. I’d love nothing more than to have a space like that in my own apartment (someday??), with a nice mug of hot chocolate on cold nights and a cat to cuddle up to (not allowed currently coz the Moo hates cats). And books, of course.




Gathering = food. My third aunt is an excellent cook, and I only get to eat it once a year so this was a nice bonus – at least until next CNY! Her signature is the chicken curry and fried mihun.


Large battered shrimps zomgs love.


We got some other stuff from take away as well. (Clockwise from top left) shrimps, charsiew (barbecued pork), siew yoke (roast pork), dumplings, ngo hiang (kikiam – stuffed spiced meat) and assorted kuih.

I’ve never been one to talk much even at family gatherings so it was mostly to eat lol.

**This might seem like a pointless post, but I’m sure years down the road, I might stumble upon it again and look back on moments fondly. 


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