Malaysia: A New Beginning

Yesterday, Malaysians from all walks of life came out in droves for a purpose – to vote for the future of our country. After the last general elections, which was rife with allegations of cheating, the people had wisened up against tactics employed by unscrupulous parties.

This time, we would do all in our power to ensure that our voices were heard.

Many businesses were closed as people traveled back to their respective hometowns – something I had not seen as much in the last GE. Many of my friends volunteered to be PACA (polling and counting agents). Braving the sun and heat, people lined up at polling stations to cast their ballots – the highest voter turn out yet.

Of course, ‘they’ did everything in their power to hold on to the reins. Oversea ballots arrivied late or did not arrive at all. Re delineation exercises and gerrymandering, and in some cases, open bribery. During the counting process last night, there were numerous reports of KTM (Ketua Tempat Mengundi) refusing to sign forms to officially announce the results. Malaysians waited in bated breath until 4AM, glued to their screens.

But the people were not having it. They have spoken.

As of 10 May 2018, after more than six decades in power since Malaysia gained independence as a sovereign nation, the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition has finally fallen. The corruption, kleptocracy and nepotism that have caused the people to suffer and the country to be in debt, has finally been put to a stop.

We can’t say it will not happen with a new government, but this is the first step to change. And I am so proud of my fellow Malaysians for staying calm and collected, but firm, in our desire for fair elections. The last time this happened in the 1960s, they silenced us with force, and wrested power back into their hands. Not anymore.

Today, we made our voices heard without bloodshed. Today, I’ve never been prouder to be Malaysian. 

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