March Madness, April Afflictions

Hey guys!

Just wanted to put it out here that I might not be updating this space as often.

April is going to be a crazy month because of added responsibilities.

They’ve finally decided to let me put together an issue of our magazine, which means that I’ll be in charge of checking everything from A-Z: commissioning stories, preparing the flat plan, sending it for subbing/proofreading/checking the ozalid, etc. This is IN ADDITION to my regular print writing/digital editor duties.


Absolute madness. 

I wish they had prepped me a bit before suddenly pushing all this stuff on me, but that’s life lol. Opportunities won’t wait for you if you don’t grab ’em.

I’m still doing my part time gig. I’m really tempted to let that go for now but the employer has been good and has given me extended deadlines. He’s also a good paymaster, so I feel bad about turning it down. :/ We’ll see. I don’t want to burn out.

Course, not complaining. I’m one of the lucky ones. How many people can say that they enjoy their work? Sure, it has ups and downs, but what job doesn’t? Most importantly, I’m learning new things and earning extra moolah.

Til then, wish me luck!

Here’s a song break for your humpday, from one of my favourite bands 🙂

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