Food Review: NeNe Chicken @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands – Largest Fried Chicken Franchise in Korea Now In Malaysia!

[Update: This outlet is permanently closed].

I’m a sucker for fried chicken, so when I went up to Genting Highlands recently, I couldn’t resist trying out the latest Korean fried chicken franchise in town. NeNe is very popular in its native South Korea, with over 1,200 outlets, as well as a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The one at Sky Avenue is their first in Malaysia, with more to come soon. The term ‘NeNe’ translates to ‘Yes Yes’ in Korean.

Here’s a short video that I put together! Please ignore the overlapping watermarks – I used two different video editing apps coz one didn’t have the music I wanted. 😛


The resto is located on a small outdoor strip connecting two malls. I like the colour scheme of mint green and yellow. Gives it a bright and cheerful feel.


50 Shades of Fried Chickin’


It was a Friday afternoon and the resto was quite empty.

I’d like to comment on the service – BAD. The cashier was chatting with someone at the kitchen as I stood at the counter pondering which item to get; was extremely curt when I asked what she would recommend, and just appeared disinterested and unhelpful. Is this a job after SPM that you’re working at to pass the time?

The good thing is, the order was served quickly. Collected it and moved upstairs where there were more seats. There were limited seats on the ground floor.


Similar colour scheme and theme – unpolished concrete floors and walls, more chicken-y decor.


If there aren’t too many customers, I suggest sitting on the outdoor patio (smoking area minus the smokers) where you can have a nice view of the buildings around Genting, and enjoy the cool air.


Time to dig in.


There are six flavours to choose from, namely Swicy, Original, Freaking Hot, Bulgogi, Snowing Cheese, and Snowing Vegetable. If you want to mix two different flavours, the outlet at Genting charges you RM3 extra.

I chose Swicy. The chicken was tossed well in a sweet and spicy sauce, sprinkled over with fragrant sesame. The meat itself was tender and juicy on the inside with crunchy outer skin, and was not overwhelmingly greasy. I think I should have opted for a different flavour though coz the sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking. Still tasty, just not the best KFC (by that I mean Korean fried chicken!) that I’ve had. I still prefer the one at Wagle Wagle.


T2C-09 of Level 4,SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

  • Food: 4/5 – tasty!
  • Ambience: 5/5 – Nice and cosy. Might be a different story if packed. Should have more seats on the ground floor.
  • Service: 2/5 – Resto should look at improving their staff training to be more courteous and helpful.
  • Value for Money: 3/5 – *Can’t remember the exact price, but should not cost more than RM20 for six pc drumettes/wings. Price does not include drinks.


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