Review: Thai / Chinese Cuisine @ Krua Samui, Betong Thailand

When we were crossing the border from Malaysia into Thailand, Pops decided it was a good idea to make small talk (my worst nightmare) with the immigration officer while he stamped our passports. Thankfully the guy was in a good mood and we didn’t get banned… he also suggested this restaurant in town for some good Thai food. So after some sightseeing on Day 2, we headed to a place called Krua Samui. 

A nice, spacious establishment with an outdoor and indoor dining area, complete with gazebos surrounded by plants for atmosphere. Since it looked like it was about to rain, we opted to sit inside.

I’m guessing the resto is run by a Chinese-Thai family, since they have an altar dedicated to Chinese deities.

There were quite a lot of dishes on the menu. We opted for the classic Thai basil chicken. The chicken was nice, juicy and tender, as befitting of Betong’s famous chickens, while the basil and onions added an aromatic fragrance. I was a bit confused with the deep fried century eggs coz it seemed out of place and rubbery – otherwise a good dish.

(Right) Fluffy fried omelette with chilli dip. The egg was very pouffy, and the texture was light and airy without being too greasy.

My favourite dish (and the house special) was the deep fried soft shell crab. Crispy and crunchy on the outside with a somewhat mushier texture on the inside, the crab can be eaten whole and was great when dipped into the tangy (and extremely spicy) chilli lime sauce.

After the crab, the shrimp cakes (they ran out of fish cakes) seemed a tad too dry.

Can’t remember the exact price but I think the meal was about 1,000 baht for the four of us.

Started raining cats and dogs when we wanted to leave, and since we parked a bit further away we couldn’t get to it. The resto guy came out with this huge-ass umbrella (the kind you put out on the beach/for stalls) and offered to walk my dad to the car. Talk about service! ❤


Pratana Road 3,, Betong, Betong District, Yala, Thailand

Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM (Daily)

Phone number: +66 73 232 157

3 thoughts on “Review: Thai / Chinese Cuisine @ Krua Samui, Betong Thailand

  1. ‘After the crab, the shrimp cakes (they ran out of fish cakes) seemed a tad too try.’ I supposed it should be ‘dry’? just a clarification, no meaning of commenting on your language command =)


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