Has it really been a week since I last updated this space? 😥

Sorry guys. I’ve been so caught up with adult-ing that I haven’t had time for anything else.


1 ) I finally got a promotion (!) with a (small) pay raise. Not by a lot, but any income is welcome now. But that also means extra responsibilities and I’m already up to my neck as it is.

2 ) I applied for a part-time writing gig and clinched an ongoing project, which also means extra $. But that was before when I had more free time and now I am just dying lol.

3 ) Going to Manila (again) for a week for some R&R and to celebrate N’s birthday. The love-hate continues with this city. 😀


1) Generally just a lot of things to do and not enough time. Going back home late after work. Also stress levels +9000.

2) Home stuff. Will refrain from ranting here lel.


I still have lots of drafts (and some Japan stories to upload) so will try my best to upload when I can squeeze in some time. Toodles!




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