October Announcement (and Updates!)

The heading makes what I want to say appear more important than it seems lel.


Hey guys! I hope you’re having an awesome start to the week so far. As for me, it’ll be busy, busy, busy.

I was recently on several short ‘holidays’ ie taking N around KL/Ipoh and going on a family trip to Thailand. I promised myself that once I came back it would be down to business…so I got myself a part-time writing gig. So top that up with my usual full-time job as a writer and that essentially means I’ll be writing almost 24/7. Boy did I not sign up for this when I enrolled in journalism school lol.

People tell me: “You’re so lucky to be a writer!”

I admit it has its perks, and it has taken me on experiences that I never could have imagined (flying on a Cessna around the Petronas Twin Towers, anyone?) but it’s not all about eating, playing and enjoying the finer things in life. I don’t earn a five-figure salary and I struggle to save on some months (more on that in another blog post). As I grow older and more commitments decide to jump on the bandwagon that is my back, one has to think not just about ‘surviving’ but becoming financially independent. I mean, it’s not that weird for an Asian kid to still be living with their parents at my age because many people do it but I’d still like to have my own place (and finally, pet cats!) one day. Not just renting, but a place I can call my own.

But I digress.

With two jobs, it’s going to be hard to keep up with daily updates on this space, as much as I’d love to. I’ll still try to schedule some posts, but I apologise in advance (to what little readers I have @w@) if the blog seems quieter lately.

Once again, thanks for reading!






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