What to Eat in Jenjarom – New Double Day Seafood Restaurant

Before heading out on our day trip to Jenjarom, we searched up stuff to eat. The town has numerous seafood and bak kut teh restaurants: but since neither piqued Moo’s fancy, we decided on a place called Kim Mua Lau, which serves three cup chicken.

Drove into town following the address provided by blogs; ended up going in circles around the village area. Also why you shouldn’t trust Waze in areas beyond the usual cities and towns lol. Phone numbers didn’t work too.

After a good 20 minutes of (unsuccessful) hunting, we finally decided to fk it and just stop by a random place, just down the road from the Fo Guang Shan Dong Zhen Temple. Called New Double Day Seafood Restaurant, it looked like your typical ‘jau lau’ style establishment: air conditioned, with big tables complete with a Lazy Susan for family gatherings. During our visit, there was a big fam get together that took up four of the resto’s 10 or so tables.

Stir fried sweet potato leaves. I felt that the dish was a little too wet, but Moo liked the garlic fragrance.

Their house special is the kau yuk, a traditional Hakka-Chinese pot roast pork dish. Most versions have slices of taro, but here they only served the pork belly slices in a thick dark sauce. The flavour was good, although I felt that the lean part of the belly was too dry and rough. Good thing the fat balanced it out so it wasn’t too bad. I’d give it a 7/10.

The lady boss also suggested we order some of their steamed fish, which came in fillets. Price was measured by 100g (RM7), so two slices came to about RM28. The fish was pretty fresh and tasty, especially when paired with the light and sweet soy sauce. RM28 was cheap imo, considering that most fillets that size would cost upwards of RM10+ per piece from the market.

The food was satisfactory and very affordable – our meal came up to RM59 only. The veggies were only RM8 which is a rare find coz most places in KL would charge Rm12 per dish.

An option to consider when in Jenjarom town!


Jalan Jambu Mawar 3, Taman Yayasan, 42600 Jenjarom, Selangor, Malaysia

NOTE: *Address given online is Jalan Jambu Mawar 3, but if you key that in it will bring you to the housing estate. If you’re coming from the main road, just google Jalan Sungai Buaya instead and you should spot the shop on your right.

Landmarks: It is across the road from Sin Kim Leng restaurant and Heritaste, which is famous for peanut candy. Just down the road is the FGS Dong Zen temple.


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