How to Check and Pay Police Saman Online

So the other day my dad keyed in my IC number into his PDRM app to check if I had any outstanding summons (going to Thailand soon, don’t want to be stopped at immigration!) and guess what?

Not one. Not two. But three. 

Apparently I’ve been happily running the red light at the junction near my office, not knowing that there was a camera installed. Before you start saying padan muka, I didn’t do it intentionally. It’s a left turning and you know how some roads have that ‘belok kiri jika tak ada kenderaan‘ thing? I assumed it was the same, so I’ve been turning left whenever there was no traffic lol. Lesson learned. 

How to check if you have summons

Thanks to the Internet, it’s pretty easy now coz you no longer have to go physically to your local police beat.

1) Apps 

As a millennial, I’ve always prided myself in being the tech savvy one in the family, so it was kinda embarrassing that my 50+ dad knew how to use apps to check summons (and had it downloaded on his phone) and I didn’t lol. The app that he used to help me check mine was called Malaysia Police Summons by Maxsim. 


It seems fairly easy to use: simply key in your IC number/number plate, and it will display (if any) your offense details, the time and date of said offence, amount payable and whether or not your vehicle is blacklisted. The only drawback ? It’s only available for Apple devices.

For Samsung-ians like me, there are other options, but many of the Android-built apps seem to have bad reviews and are either not working well or info doesn’t show up accurately. Fret not though…you can always:

2) SMS 

You can SMS to POLIS<space>IC number OR vehicle number to 15888 0r 32728. So example: POLIS 112345678910. For a more canggih option, you can even have them send the details to your email by adding <space>your email after the IC/vehiclenumber. But then again, this way will incur telco charges  and we know that Malaysians want free options, so the third choice:

3) Online 

Almost everything can be done online these days, checking (and paying) your summons included. I think the best sites to do so are on MyEG ( and the government-linked portal RILEK (, because they both allow you to pay as well, if you happen to have any summons. First you have to register of course. Once you’ve done that and logged in, you can check the summons by clicking the PDRM enquiry and Payment icon.

From there, simply pick from the list and enter the relevant details. If you do have outstanding summons, they will load at the bottom of the page along with the amount payable, deets and a button prompting for payment. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of that, but it’s really straightforward and no different from paying using your online banking/credit/debit card on other sites.

Once done, you can print out the receipt for future reference. Voila! Easy peasy.

In future, you can even sign up for alerts if you kena saman again, by clicking on their services menu and filling up a form.

The good news? I don’t have to worry about road tax renewal or being blacklisted from leaving the country, now that I’ve settled them. The bad news is I’m RM450 short and surviving on noodles and bread until my next paycheck.

I hope this has been helpful for those who are looking to check and settle their summons online! And remember kids, don’t run red lights like me even if it looks safe lol.

5 thoughts on “How to Check and Pay Police Saman Online

  1. Okie, so i rented a car and the rental car company said i received a summons from the car that was rented. They have forwarded me a copy, with the Summons ID. How can i pay online, with just the summons ID? since the IC attached to the vehicle is not mine.


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