Review: KFC’s Zinger Double Down – All Meat, No Bun

Not a big fan of KFC chicken (their wraps are okay tho):  but if there’s one thing I’d walk 1.5km for in sweltering Malaysian weather, it’s their DOUBLE DOWN. Which is exactly what I did. Because the KFC near my office was closed for renovations, I actually walked all the way to another commercial district, just so I could tuck into this monster meat burger for lunch, on the day it was released. No ragrets

I remember a couple of years ago when they released this – I actually went bonkers and had it almost every other week. Now that I’m older and my metabolism is a bitch (I get fat just by breathing), I’ll have to content myself to just this once… 

Not a meal for the faint hearted. Two thick slabs of deep fried Zinger burger patties. Sandwiched in between is a sliver of ham, a slice of cheese and oozy, gooey cheese sauce. What can I say? I bet I consumed a week’s worth of sodium but it was all worth it. Crunchy skin, juicy tender meat, savoury creamy cheese sauce all blend together in a wonderful medley of salty flavours. KFC is notorious for advertising one thing and serving another lol (remember those shrimp things that looked so big in the ads but were tiny irl?) but I’m happy to note that the Double Down DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.

Damage for a set meal was RM14.50, with fries and a drink. The DD is available for a limited time only.

**Based on experience, different KFC outlets tend to have different standards (so much for QC). This beauty was bought at the KFC in PJ New Town.



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