American-Style Wings at Wingstop,The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Everyone who knows me knows that I have an insatiable appetite for fried chicken. MORESO fried chicken wings. So I was super psyched when I heard an American franchise, Wingstop, was finally making its way to Malaysian shores! They’ve been quite aggressive on their social media platforms, posting these amazing, juicy-looking pictures of ayam goreng hmm. I was so excited I decided to drive through bad after-work traffic to The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

It was a weekday night and the place was empty during dinner service. Waiters were warm and friendly; one of them taught me how to use the self-service iPad. I keyed in my order of six wings done in two flavours (they have ten to choose from), served with a side of onion rings (or fries) , ranch dip and a soft drink. The cashier gave me a round disc which I had to place on my table and would light up once my order was ready. 

And waited…

And waited some more. Considering the place was really empty, they took really long to get my order done. I had loads of time to take in the decor – warm, with lots of wooden accents and deep wall coats of green and gray. Didn’t want to get annoyed, because I did come all the way here for the food and they did pride themselves in making things ‘fresh to order’ – so I was hoping it would be worth it. After 20 minutes, the waiter who originally greeted me came over to my table and told the kitchen to hurry up lol.

Close to the 30 minute mark, the order finally arrived and it was visually pleasing ! My stomach gave a hearty rumble at the beautiful sight of wings coated in Buffalo sauce, and sprinkled over with Garlic Parmesan. I tucked into the latter first. It was fragrant with garlic and cheese, but I was disappointed once I took a bite. Fragrance seemed to be all it had, as the chicken was tasteless and oily.


I was holding in imaginary tears at this point. My long wait and drive through traffic! Maybe the Buffalo wings would fare better.

WRONG again! It had an overwhelmingly sour taste (yes, I know vinegar is the base but this was too sour), and the flavour was unpleasant. I’ve had American-style wings in Los Angeles (Buffalo Wild Wings – link here), and they definitely didn’t taste like this. :/ At that point I was just really disappointed but I tried my best to finish it anyway because hey, it wasn’t cheap and I don’t like wasting food. Even so, I couldn’t finish all six because it was so greasy, the oil stuck down my throat. This coming from a girl who can polish off like 10 Korean-fried chicken wings in one go.

To their credit, the onion rings and ranch dip was good, but… aren’t you specialising in chicken wings? :/

Maybe I got there on a bad day and the quality of the food + service time was bad. I really wanted it to be good, and left sorely disappointed. All in all, I’d give them a 9/10 for service, but just a 2/10 for food. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time. I don’t think I would drive all the way to the Curve to have you again – I’ll stick to my 4Fingers. 

WINGSTOP @ The Curve 

G-51, The Street, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Open daily: 11AM – 10PM.

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