Sam Kan Cheong Style Pork Noodles @ Fong Lye Restaurant, Pusat Bandar Puchong

The first Sam Kan Cheong noodles were said to have been sold in a stall in KL – but now the term is generic to a specific style of pork noodle that features three items: minced pork and siew cheong (BBQ sausage – a mix of lard, liver and more minced pork) tossed in a dark soy sauce over noodles, and served with a side of rectangular-shaped pork balls (well, they’re rectangular so technically they aren’t balls anymore! :D)

Fong Lye Restaurant in Pusat Bandar Puchong has a stall serving this dish. Moo was recommended this place by a friend, so the fam and I went to check it out on a Saturday for lunch.

Packed with customers.

We all got the same item – ‘dry’ noodles (you can choose from lou shee fun/rat tail shaped noodles, yellow noodles and kuey teow/flat noodles).

Oh it was dry alright.

A good bowl of noodles with mince should have a nice texture that coats each strand of noodle, but these were just bone dry and clumpy, with all the soy sauce sitting in the bottom. The sausages were some of the worst BBQ sausages I’ve tasted; dry with a sandy aftertaste, and more salty than sweet (which isn’t how it’s supposed to be).

I know people say that everyone’s taste is different, but I’m really questioning Moo’s friend’s judgment lol.

There are other stalls within the vicinity, so if you’d really like to check it out…

FONG LYE RESTAURANT (Opposite Tesco Puchong)




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