Food Review: Sushi Q, Publika

Hey guys! I was invited to attend an event recently at Publika, but I left the office early to avoid the jam and allocated some time to find parking (parking is a bitch there). Lo and behold, someone was coming out of a spot just as I turned into the basement. The odds of that are higher than winning a lottery.


Anyway, it was only 5pm and I had 1.5 hours to kill so I wandered around. And got hungry in the process.

Enter Sushi Q, a no-frills eatery serving fast and affordable sushi + Japanese favourites such as chicken katsu don, udon and ramen. For those ordering sushi, simply walk up to the counter, point and choose. There’s an area for dine in, but even if you’re eating in the resto, they’ll pack up your orders in plastic containers. Makes for easy washing and cleaning I guess.

Had: (Clockwise from top left) Unagi, salmon, tuna mayo inari and fried chicken roll.

Some hits and misses. The best for me was the salmon and the unagi; the worst was the chicken roll, although the portion was quite hefty. The chicken was super dry; like it had been fried yesterday (probably) and it was like chewing on bits of hard crusty sandpaper. The mayo/tuna on top of the inari was super salty, but it was balanced out by the sweet tofu (only slightly).

I love chewy things, so I also got a plate of scallop lips (RM8). These were actually quite nice (and chewy! Maybe too chewy for some). The seasoning was done well.

Total damage: about RM22. For a place like Publika, I’d say it was affordable, but I can get so much more from a cheap and fast place like Sushi King/Sushi Mentai with better ambience/better quality.

SUSHI Q (Publika branch) 

Lot No.20, Level UG,
Publika Shopping Gallery,
1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03-6206 2378

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