I Was Served by a Celebrity Chef ! – Cook & Dine by Maju Kuala Lumpur ft Chef Nik Imran

It’s not everyday that you get served by a celebrity chef – so I count myself lucky to be able to taste food prepared by the man himself, Chef Nik Imran! If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably coz you’ve seen the Australian-Malaysian chef on the Asian Food Channel, hosting shows like Cooking For Love 2 and Tea Twist. Fans of the MasterChef series will remember him as one of the finalists for the Malaysian version, which propelled him to stardom.

The event, Cook and Dine, was held at Publika in KL and was presented by Maju Kuala Lumpur – a new property developer behind ‘lifestyle lofts’ in Sungai Besi, KL. The idea behind it is to show guests lifestyle living at its finest, with a kitchen done to replicate the loft units, complete with fridge, stoves and the like.

I always feel special / loved when they do small, personalised touches at events, like having your name printed out on a card. ❀

Lovely table setting with fresh white roses and baby’s breath.

Some canapes to start the night.

Action time! Chef Nik demonstrating to the crowd how to prepare three dishes on the menu that night. With him is emcee and host Terrence Dass.

Our first course: Chicken Caesar Salad with a twist. Topped with a perfectly poached egg, the yolk center oozed out over my bed of fresh greens, coated with nice, salty Parmesan cheese. The croutons gave the dish an awesome crunch, while the chicken was seasoned well and cooked to perfection. This coming from a person who doesn’t eat greens: it was really good!

Course 2: Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Prawns were done to perfection, pasta was al-dente, lifted with flavours of garlic and cheese.

Course 3: Had a choice between Beef and Vegetarian for our Mains; I opted for Vegetarian, which was a Cannelloni, Barigoule and Parmesan Cheese Sauce. Not a big fan – everything was very mushy and soggy; from the capsicum on top to the eggplant in the middle and the mushroom on the bottom. The beef seemed to fare better with other guests.

For dessert, Chocolate Mousse, Liquid Coffee Pearl and Espresso Ice Cream. The ice cream was alright, but the other item was extremely bitter. Wish there was something to cut off the bitterness.

Macarons ! Perfect. Now the meal is complete πŸ˜€

Check out Maju Kuala Lumpur’s property units and more details at majukualalumpur.com.

4 thoughts on “I Was Served by a Celebrity Chef ! – Cook & Dine by Maju Kuala Lumpur ft Chef Nik Imran

  1. Don’t we all just want a Michelin-star chef at home ready to do our bidding when hungry or craving for something epic to eat? Although, i would not want to hire Gordon Ramsey. Haha. Amazing experience Luna, it’s great to be treated like royalty once in a while πŸ™‚


    1. I think Ramsay isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be; if you watch his travel shows, he actually has massive respect for food and the people he’s serving. It’s another thing to be a chef under him though. As the joke goes:

      Ramsay: Is this ice frozen?
      Cook: Yes chef.
      Ramsay: F*k me.

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