Throughout the last week of April, I was working from home because my office was undergoing renovation. Came back to work recently to a refurbished space! The previous layout was a little messy, with cubicle seats that separated everyone and had us facing different directions. Boss consulted a fengshui master, and he suggested that we all sat in the same direction so that we may ‘push forward’ with a common goal. So, voila: new office layout:

Looks kind of like a classroom xD. All we need now is a cikgu at the front.

They decorated the waiting area with our awards. 🙂 They also got rid of the electronic door so no more hassle looking for key cards.. twice.

The pantry area, which used to be closed off.Now there’s a counter where we can sit and chill with some coffee. Also got a new microwave! 🙂

My desk at the very back. Give it a couple of days to become super messy again. ;P