Sakae Sushi, IOI Mall

Ah, it’s great to be back! Been feeling under the weather these past few days after travelling abroad, and then was busy catching up with work so I haven’t had time to update this space. Anyway, the Australia trip is embargoed until the story is published in the magazine, so it might be a couple of months before I can write about it here 😀

C asked me out to dinner at Sakae Sushi in IOI Mall Puchong. They moved out for awhile and the spot was taken over by another tenant, but have since returned. Sakae isn’t my favourite sushi chain coz their quality is inconsistent, but the other restos were full so we had this.

Cold marinated jellyfish and spicy snails. The jellyfish didn’t have as much bite as the one at Sushi King, but the flavour was alright.

Marinated snails was a bit tough to chew.

Mini salmon don

Been really enjoying cold cha soba (green tea buckwheat noodles) lately – you put the noodles into a cold soy-sauce broth and slurp it up in one bite. The version here is served with quail egg and Side of mixed tempura of shrimp, sweet potato, aubergine and green capsicum. The taste was decent, but have had better.

C’s set of tempura, sashimi (butterfish, salmon, tuna), miso soup, garlic rice, chawan mushi (steamed egg). 

Quality wasn’t as good as the outlet in Mines Seri Kembangan. There are other Japanese restaurants that I’d rather go to in IOI Mall that aren’t as pricey too. 😛


IOI Mall, Ground Floor, EG002, Puchong, 47100, Selangor

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