Happy Year of the Rooster!


Hey everyone!

Tonight is the eve of Chinese New Year, and Chinese families all over the world will be celebrating this special time with family reunions (and scrumptious food!). The year of the Fire Rooster is supposed to be a good year for my zodiac. I guess it’s too early to tell, but we’ll see xD

Anyway, I’ve been dabbling with the Adobe Illustrator programme to make vector art, and for my first ‘project’ after watching some tutorials, I thought of making a cute rooster 🙂 Course, my skills aren’t that good yet so I had to trace it from another image, but with more practice, I hope I’ll be able to make nicer vector illustrations soon. Would be a nice touch to this space and help make my blog entries interesting, no?

Gong Hei Fatt Choi! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Rooster!

  1. Does that mean you were born in 81 or 93? A rooster (phoenix) year?

    Your rooster could use a lil waddle under its beak. Otherwise, SHE makes a fine HEN. 🙂

    Do you do anything special for the New Year celebration other than eating seasonal foods and gathering with family? Are there any foods you consider good luck foods? How superstitious are you?


    1. Oh, didn’t even notice that, thanks for pointing it out. I was actually born in the year of the Horse, but this was just to wish everyone a Happy New Year 🙂 CNY is a more subdued affair these days as many relatives are overseas and won’t be making the trip back, so it’s just a small gathering with some homecooked dishes. It’s good to have things like fish (Yu – rhymes with Abundance), shrimp (Ha- sounds like laughter, hence happiness) and dried oysters (sounds like ‘good tidings’). We don’t observe superstitions like not sweeping the floor on the first day, since there’s too much litter with people eating and all, but we do try to wear bright colours.


      1. So, 1990, metal horse? I am not sure my family or anyone I know would know what to do with CNY. I have tried instilling some interest since I started looking into it. But, I end up celebrating alone…which isn’t any sort of celebration.

        I typically eat oranges, for whatever reason, and wear something red. I had canned oysters once. I’d say they sound like “joy stirs.”

        Yu rhymes with abundance? Uh…

        Litter is that big of a problem? ‘Sounds like too much careless partying. I don’t think the Rooster (Phoenix) would approve.

        How do Luna and Eris relate? What is the significance of each? Are you interested in Greek mythology?


      2. Not sure where you’re located, but maybe you could take part in a celebration at the local Chinatown / where there’s a Chinese community. There would usually be something like a lion dance or cultural performance on the first day of Chinese New Year. 🙂 I’m sure you know Luna is Latin for moon; I just liked the idea of having that as a nickname. Yes, I’m interested in Greek mythology, hence the name Eris. 🙂 The two names aren’t related but I think they represent different sides of me, so I tend to use both for my writing. Cheers!


      3. I don’t get around/well, much, and social anxiety doesn’t help. If I did go/partake in such festivities, I’d likely want/need someone I get along with to go with me. It would be a challenge to go alone.

        I think the closest “Chinatown” would be somewhere in/around Chicago.

        Yes, I know luna can mean moon. [Who knows; in some other language, it could mean breakfast or rain.] And, oddly enough, I met an Asian gal with a dog named Luna, yesterday. I thought maybe I had met you in person and needed to look at my computer, again.

        I can see the appeal of a lunar nickname.

        But, Eris is a goddess of discord. I thought maybe you were cursed with the name by parents who assumed you’d be a troublemaker.


      4. You couldn’t possibly see me in person because I’m in Malaysia. 🙂 Nah, Eris isn’t a name my parents gave me, it’s something I gave myself because I watched Sinbad and I thought the antagonist, Eris, was really cool. Haha!


      5. Well, maybe I ran into a parallel universe you or the elusive “double” not unlike finding the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot. From a distance, I would swear this gal I saw looked like you.

        Oh I see. The villain appreciation club. I like a number of female–and a few male–villains. I have been known to dress up as a villain occasionally for Halloween. But, I am not sure I would label myself as one. And, Eris, of all names and Greek figures, is a key subject/figure in a series of books I am creating (though her name is spelled differently, depending upon her appearance/location).

        In which format/version of Sinbad did this Eris appear?


      6. I get that a lot, people saying they thought they saw me on the street when I’ve been at home. Maybe I have a common face or there are a few of my doppelgangers running around out there.
        That’s cool, so what book are you working on ? Or is it a ‘if I told you I’d have to kill you’ kinda thing?
        The cartoon I watched was Dreamworks’ Sinbad. The Eris there was a strong and powerful goddess with a dark but sultry appearance, which I liked – that’s why I picked the name. 🙂


      7. Your face isn’t a bad one to run into. 🙂

        Well, it’s a series of pick-a-path books that just happen to primarily involve Greek myths, currently. I plan to work in myths from other cultures, too.

        Yea, it could get to be one of those “get the facts and suffer” cases. 🙂

        Oh, the animated movie. I forget most of what happened. But, I saw that film, too.

        Hmm. I am trying to think of other goddesses that might match that strong, sexy type without being a villainess. You might look into characters like Wonder Woman and Zealot, the latter from a cartoon/comic book called WildCATS. Those are two that come off the top of my busy head. Not exactly all-powerful goddesses, but strong, fierce and sultry characters in their own way.


      8. That sounds great, so kind of like the old Goosebumps books huh? Good luck with that !
        I think most of the Greek goddesses fit that stereotype, like Athena or Artemis. I think Wonder Woman is a great character, I’m looking forward to watching the new movie when it comes out. Haven’t heard of Zealot, but will check it out. Thanks!


      9. Well, one or two might get a bit spooky, but I am trying to steer away from the old formats that I suspect many parents who were not horror fans found too scary. I am trying to appeal to a wider, more diverse audience without “catering” and trying too hard to please everyone. [I never read the Goosebumps books but saw some of the TV series and was not a big fan of that.]

        Zealot is essentially a white-haired Wonder Woman who loves a thief in the 90s cartoon and an android in the comics (or so I’ve heard of the comics). [I watched the cartoon and loved her relationship with Grifter.]

        Artemis is a confusing character as I find different versions of her and attributes she is supposed to embody. Likewise, Athena seems to vary, depending upon where you worship her, including what I suspect were some cities in Egypt and other parts of Africa before she “reached Greece.”


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