Meng Kee Restaurant, Bandar Puchong Jaya

Update: This restaurant is permanently closed.

For those who love charsiew, the name Meng Kee might ring a bell, as the original shop along Jalan Alor in KL has drawn crowds of meat lovers for decades. Now, their franchise outlets can be found at several spots, including Bandar Puchong Jaya. While they might be famous for their roast meats, especially charsiew and Peking duck, the restaurant also serves dai chao (individual dishes) cooked to order, which the fam and I had for dinner over the weekend.


‘Choy pou’ taufu. Choy Pou or preserved radish is mixed with minced meat, chilli and topped with spring onions on a block of deep fried egg tofu, which has a crispy skin but is soft and silky on the inside. Drizzled over with soy sauce, the salty dish is perfect to go with rice and has loads of different textures.


Steamed herbal chicken. Meat was tender but not very flavourful, and the broth was too watery. Tasted better when dipped into soy sauce.


Best dish of the night was buttermilk deep fried oyster mushrooms. Shrooms still had a crunchy and crispy batter, even when soaked into the sauce, which was rich and creamy with the fragrant smell of curry leaves, milk, and a spicy kick from the birds eye chilli. Only qualms? We ordered a small so only had a few pieces for each person to eat.


Interior is clean and air conditioned.

Price is slightly more expensive than regular restos, but the food is decent enough. I’d come back just for the shrooms. 🙂 Maybe next time I’d come back for their famous wantan noodles and roast meats.


No 18,Jalan Kenari 11, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor.

Phone: 03-8080 6132

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