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Review: Darth Vader Scented Candle by Beautiful Mess Project


I’m a sucker for scented candles, so when a friend of mine came up with her own line, I had to try them out. They’re not just any scented candle though – they’re done in the shape of an iconic movie character. You’ll see in a bit πŸ™‚


Tada! Inspired by Star Wars, these Darth Vader-shaped candles come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, green, white and pink. There are three flavors to choose from: strawberry, vanilla and honeydew. I customized mine in pink + vanilla.

The smell is pretty strong on its own, so even if you don’t light it up, it can still act as a perfume for your room. The candle lasts about 12 hours with continuous use.


Friend also threw in these ‘cupcake’ vanilla-scented candles, which she’s working on perfecting. πŸ™‚ They look good enough to be eaten.



Each Darth Vader candle retails for RM29.90, and you can check out the catalogue on facebook.com/BeautifulMessProject.Β 

As of now, since the product is still new, there’s no shipping but you can buy it via COD (Cash on delivery) and pick it up at Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya.


Video review:




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