Birthday Dimsum – Zok Noodle House, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Service at Zok Noodle House in Bandar Puteri can swing one way or the other – sometimes it’s fast and efficient, at other times slow and terrible. I’ll always remember this one time the ‘manager’ there decided not to tell off some people for smoking IN THE RESTAURANT even though I pointed out they had no-smoking signs plastered up within the vicinity wtf, I guess those are just for show.

Despite the grouses, we still head back there every now and then coz it’s convenient. Personally, I prefer the dimsum shop across the road, Taiji (review here) but because Zok also serves noodles, the fam usually comes here.

Woke up late-ish on bday, so decided to stop by for some dimsum while mum had noodles.


Deep fried shrimp rolls wrapped in beancurd skin. Dish comes served with a measley dollop of mayo. Rolls are quite oily, but the saving grace is the shrimp on the inside which is well-seasoned and generous in portion.


Mi had chee cheong fun, rice rolls wrapped with shrimp/roast pork, swimming in soy sauce.


Standard dumpling stuff. Usually I get the hargau (crystal skin dumpling) and siewmai, but also tried something new this time around. I think it was minced pork/shrimp with gei zi (wolfberries).



Dumplings are decent and sizable. Eat them with Kampung Koh Chilli Sauce for an extra kick.


Skin on the crystal skin dumplings wasn’t so good, as you can see. Thicker than usual, with a gooey texture instead of being silky smooth.

Food quality here is so-so tbh, and service is erratic. I’d really prefer the shop across the road but until they serve noodles, I guess the fam will still want to come to Zok.

Zok Noodle House (Bandar Puteri Branch) 

25-G, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri Puchong,

47100 Puchong Selangor

Business hours: 8am – 10pm

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