On A Waffle Binge – Wawa Land Round 2

(Update: This outlet is permanently closed.)

Can’t believe I came here two nights in a row, just with different people. 😀

C introduced me to this cafe that serves some pretty bangin’ waffles. (You can read the previous review here) The next day, S and I were looking to catch some Pokemon, but since our usual spot was packed with people we ended up at IOI Boulevard and I took him to Wawa Land for some waffles.


It was a weekend night and the place was packed with families and young couples. They don’t have that many staff to man the counter/kitchen, so it can get really slow – but have some patience and you’ll be rewarded with some good food. I wouldn’t recommend this place to people in a hurry; it’s more a place to chill and hangout with friends.

Got a caramel sea salt latte. Coffee wasn’t too bitter, milk was frothy, and the caramel/sea salt gave it a nice sweet/salty kick.


Feeling peckish, but there weren’t many savoury snacks available. Opted for some fried chicken nuggets, which came with a thousand island sauce dip.


S said he was on a ‘mango binge’ recently, so we got waffles with vanilla ice-cream, fresh mangoes and fruit sauce. The mangoes were quite sour but was offset well by the sweet and creamy vanilla ice-cream. Waffles were fluffy and dusted with a thin layer of sugar. As mentioned before, they have a more compact, crispier texture than the ones from Owls Cafe, but they hold their own pretty well.


Portion is big enough for two.

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