I Went for Laser Eye Surgery

It started off with a black spot at the bottom left corner of my right eye.

At first I ignored it, because I thought it was a regular floater –  common among people with advanced myopia (short-sightedness) like myself. But as the weeks went on, the spot slowly progressed to a bunch of cobwebby strands, which flew across my field of vision,  especially in daylight or against a backdrop of white.

Of course, I did what everyone would do in this situation: I went on Google. There were a few possible outcomes, but the most serious one was retinal detachment (where your retina becomes detached from the back of your eye wall, causing blindness).

Me being me, I freaked out and started playing the worst scenarios in my head. I immediately scheduled an appointment with an eye specialist, Dr Ranu. His clinic is always filled with patients because it happens to be the only eye specialist in Puchong – a township of close to half a million lol. Got there early, had my pupils dilated and then finally got checked. I was crossing my fingers and toes, hoping that he’d tell me there was nothing wrong, but unfortunately, there was.

“You have a small hole in your retina,” he said. My heart sank to my feet. Thoughts flitted through my mind – I’m going blind. I will never be able to game anymore. I will never be able to look at Jepp’s glorious fat body and his shiny fur anymore. I will never be able to see the beauty of nature when I go travelling anymore. My life is over. 

But then the doc reassured me that it was quite a common occurence, and not to worry. I could leave it, since it was a small hole, and hope that it won’t progress to a tear. The other solution was to do a barricade laser surgery, a minor procedure which would create scars around the hole, thereby sealing it (like how you’d seal a wound). But it would cost me over a thousand bucks, which I wasn’t sure the insurance would cover.

I went home, and my parents promptly freaked out (my mum, mostly. You wonder where I picked it up from, lol). After discussing it with them, we decided to go for the surgery, and try to claim it back from insurance later, or else, I’d pay my dad back in installments since I didn’t have that much cash on hand.

So later that night, it was back to the clinic. The surgery actually took less than 15 minutes and involved me just looking at a flashing laser machine. It didn’t hurt, but was definitely very uncomfortable as the light was very bright and I could not move my eye for fear the laser might point in the wrong direction.

Once it was done, I didn’t feel any different and the doc said I could even go back to work tomorrow (aw, I was hoping for a break :x) but that I had to come back for a follow up the week after. I just felt relieved that the hole was sealed, and I hope there won’t be further complications. I never realised how much I relied on my vision until after the morning check up, when I couldn’t see sht (they dilated my pupils and it took four to six hours to get back to normal). With blurry vision, I couldn’t watch TV, or go on the computer, or even look at my phone or read, which left me bored out of my fking mind since I’m constantly reading/doing something.

I have to take better care of my eyes. No more reading in bad light or playing with my phone before bed time!

I feel super grateful to my parents for being there for me. Love you, Mi and Pi.  ❤


4 comments on “I Went for Laser Eye Surgery

  1. Yikes, scary but thank goodness your eye is sorted now 💞


  2. I’d rather go deaf than to go blind! How are you now? What’s the cause for the minor tear in the retina?


    • Yeah… we never realise how much we rely on our vision until you’re faced with the possibility that you might not be able to see at all.. 😡
      Well, the doc said it’s pretty common among people with advanced myopia (short-sightedness) and my myopia is terrible. It was best to seal the hole before it got worse, so I opted for the surgery. Hope there are no further complications. Thanks for the concern 🙂

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