Diary Food

Is This Real Life

SO I was looking through my photo reel and found that they were mostly food… and selfies… and more food… and selfies…

I need to do more with life. >->

Anyway, Here’s what I’ve been up to this week!

IMG_20160513_132739-tileWent to an authentic South Indian restaurant called Sitaram with the editor for lunch.

I don’t take Indian food everyday coz my Cantonese palate can’t handle it, but once in awhile is good to tingle the tastebuds and get that tongue burning! Here I have spinach, fishcake, curry mutton, butter milk vadai (lentil cakes) and pappadom (fried lentil crackers). 


I also saw these cute sweets at the resto so I got one to try. Editor told me the name but I forgot – starts with a Pa-something-or-other. It’s very sweet, creamy milk candy with a cookie texture and a taste similar to the Filipino pastillas. 


Random trip to Thean Hou temple while out on assignment.


Got an old pair of shoes out of the closet – they’re still in good condition. Bought them from H&M some time ago and they were so pretty I didn’t want to dirty them: so they ended up sitting in the shoe rack for a few months lol. My normal flats are busted so I had to pop these out.


Work outfit. I’m thankful that I get to wear casual clothes to work (depending on the assignments as well).


Home cooked dinner: boiled brocolli and carrots, chilli pork belly (with the one and only Kampung Koh garlic chilli sauce!) and fried egg with fish cake. They say a healthy meal should have five colours 😉


Perks of being a writer – free food at events. Went for one at Glasshouse in Seputeh where they served everything with dairy products cleverly used in various dishes – pasta, grilled lamb sprinkled over with cheese, salad, mini mushroom pizzas and tuna/avocado salsa on bread. Everything was so yummy !


I work for a small company so the office is actually a showroom – which means that it looks like someone’s house. I like the space coz it feels more cosy instead of a cubicle with computers and whatnot.


Jogging in the park in the evening.


Also, I joined the annoying ranks of teenyboppers and teenagers everywhere (even though I’m far from one myself) and finally downloaded Snapchat. It’s not much different from Instagram, in my opinion – but I do like their video and picture filters. Here’s one with glasses…


And one without, with another filter. I look very different, yah, I know. People keep telling me that.


That ends a random update. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend too. ❤

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  1. Sounds like a great week! I agree with you about business suits, thank goodness I don’t have to wear them to work either. Actually even though I’m already 40, I still look like I’ve borrowed my mom’s jacket if I try to wear a blazer, LOL 😛 I love your new cute shoes ❤

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