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April – Happenings

Hi guys! We’re in the second quarter of the year (already?), how has it been for you?


April for me has been total madness. Been rushing deadlines for the second issue of our magazine, and since my editorial ‘department’ consists of just two people, we’ve been hauling ass like crazy – photoshoots, covering events, writing the articles… + helping out with events, distribution, marketing… and other general coolie work. It’s not completely unenjoyable – I get to learn things I wouldn’t have been able to do back at the newspaper, which was only limited to reporting.


Good thing there’s always coffee to wake me up in the morning!


Went for the launch of the new Nestle Drumstick Caffe Caramel, which is brewed coffee ice-cream with salted caramel sauce. Love it, love it, love it. It really tastes like brewed and frozen coffee ie it’s not too sweet, and the salted caramel + dark chocolate cone compliments the flavour really well. Only RM2.80 per stick, and a great respite in this horrible El Nino heat that has been baking S/E Asia lately.


G came back from Singapore for her birthday, and we met up for a really quick chat at Setiawalk. She surprised me by requesting that we go to a pub for alcohol. Guess things and people change… the G i used to know in school was a real goodie-two-shoes Catholic girl with strict parents, and would never think of drinking any sort of alcohol.

I feel like we’ve drifted apart over the years that she’s been working in Singapore. Sometimes it feels like I’m talking to a stranger. She chose a path that diverged drastically from my own, and the topics we used to share are very different now. While I was lucky to finish college, she got pregnant by the wrong guy, and now faces marital/financial problems while trying to raise a kid (whom she unceremoniously dumped at her parents place, coz she HAD to go back to Sg as she was worried the a-hole would cheat).

It makes me sad to see the mistakes that she made and continue making. I used to be like a big sister to her in school because she was so naive and innocent. Even now, I still feel protective of her, but I feel like I can only help and advise as much.


A more quiet day at the office.


…and back outside again. Went for a media appreciation event for Jumpstreet! It’s a trampoline park in PJ where you pay by the hour and get to go on these awesome (and very challenging) trampolines. There are sections for basketball, dodgeball, stunts, a foam pit and more. Didn’t win the media challenge (winners walked away with Reebok watches!) but it was totally fun. And man, jumping on trampolines is not easy at all.. felt like I ran a marathon from all that cardio.


Humpday. Yes, my office doesn’t look like an office. Yes, sometimes we wear sweaters and yoga pants to work.


Some comfort food to destress. I always have the same stuff at Sushi King, namely : Udon with half boiled egg and tempura batter + a small Tempura don.


My all time favourite, chuuka idako or baby octopus. Ew? Try it first before judging.



Shall end this post with a vain, disdainful selfie.

I’m planning to grow my hair out again. What do you think?


May will be another month of madness. But I think it’ll be fun. I’m loving my life post-big-news-corp so far.




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