Ampang Food House, Ampang Park



It’s funny that I’ve been around KL City Center so many times, but have yet to visit Ampark Park Shopping Complex – the first shopping mall to be built in Malaysia, way back in 1973. You can tell the place is old just from its jaded layout: the bus-stop-like railings, stairs criss-crossing in the middle and narrow walkways with dozens of kiosks squeezed into them. They have old camera shops, jewelry and pawn shops, friggin tailors (in an age of Zalora and RTW, they still exist, yes?). Stepping inside is like going back to the 80s or something.

H & I walked across from InterCon for a quick lunch. She was familiar with the place coz she worked here for three years, so we went straight to a Chinese canteen on the second floor. The small space was packed with the office crowd. An auntie took our orders and gave us a waiting number.


Large menu board conveniently placed on the outside. They serve home-cooked Cantonese style dishes like Mushroom chicken, soy sauce beef/chicken, noodles, mixed vege rice, etc.


Squashed ourselves into a corner, gave our number to the waiter and was served within minutes.

You know the place has been run this way for a long time coz the waiters and staff were all elderly Chinese and not foreign labour which many restos hire these days. Gives it an authentic charm.


Mushroom chicken, served with rice. Had a sizable six or seven pieces of meat, with some long beans, carrots and big shiitake mushrooms. It wasn’t blow-your-mind delicious, but it tasted really homemade, like something my mum would cook. Not much MSG either, as I didn’t feel thirsty afterwards unlike most of the stuff you eat out nowadays.


H’s soy sauce beef. Was a little tough imo.

My meal with a can of soya milk was RM10.30. Reasonable, considering we’re in KL and you know how expensive food can get in KL .__.

2.81 – 2.82, First Floor, Ampang Park Mall, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur City Center, Kuala Lumpur

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