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Spring and Hot Weather

“It’s the First Day of Spring!” Facebook reminded me when I logged in this morning.

Sure doesn’t feel like it in Malaysia, where temperatures have soared up to 39C in some parts. It’s a double whammy since the weather is already hot due to the El Nino phenomenon, and today, which marks the Equinox, will be when the sun shines directly over the Equator.

I was out catching up with some ex-colleagues yesterday, and I could literally feel the makeup melting off my face as I ran from my house to the safe, air-conditioned confines of my car lol.


Three years sure go by fast! We joined my (ex) company and were hired as full time staff together back in 2013. Been through some tough and challenging (but fun) days!


The weather is so hot I don’t feel like doing anything except blast the air conditioning and hide in my room, but the stomach prevailed… (look at how sunny it is!)


Had some Sarawak kolok mee, which is egg noodles topped with ground pork, slices of Hakka fried pork, fish cake and veggies.


Ice, ice, baby

Anyway, people have been falling sick left, right and center… so stay hydrated in the hot weather, guys!




3 comments on “Spring and Hot Weather

  1. It’s been so hot here in the Philippines too. Geez. I need ghat cold drink. Heh. šŸ˜€


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