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Pretty Girls Get All the Perks?


I was chatting with a friend today and the topic of ‘pretty girl treatment’ came up. It reminded me of some funny things that happened during my post-graduation trip, so I thought of blogging about it.

But first things first:


Definitely a no-brainer. It. Is. Real. If you think otherwise, you’re either naive, or delusional.

While some parts of society are struggling to promote a body positive movement, especially among young women, other parts are busy worshiping individuals blessed with ‘good’ looks.

Yah. I know. It’s hypocritical. Instagram stars who do nothing but take selfies seem to have more fans than that guy who helps out at the pet shelter 7 days a week. Life’s unfair like that.

Human beings are visual, and beauty has always been something that is prized, regardless of era. It may differ according to time and region, but the underlying treatment we give to ‘pretty’ people is still the same. Pretty = good. Heck, Google Jeremy Meeks and you’ll see what I mean.

For some, it’s business – in my field, some employers hire those they think are pleasing to the eye because somehow as a community, we have a fked up sense of who is able to do the job. A senior editor at one of my old companies had this mantra: “Slap a pretty girl on the cover.” Why? People like looking at pretty people, and it sells. An interesting article by the DailyMail here.  

And somehow, when everyone tells you over and over again that you’re pretty and therefore, entitled to things and privileges, some tend to believe in it. 

A very humourous, relatable video by David So here:


That was a long intro to my actual story, but I digress. 😀 Here’s my personal experience.

After graduating, my classmates and I went on a Euro-trip for three weeks, organised by a student tour group. Since there were only 11 of us in Journalism, we were put together with a busload of Engineering students (from the same uni). Most of them were guys, while my class were mostly girls.


Among our batch, there were two whom guys would consider conventional ‘pretty’ types – soft spoken, girly, fashionable. One had long wavy hair, massive doe-eyes, fair skin and a ‘yaeba’ smile (that crooked teeth thingy that’s very popular in Japan). She had a sunny disposition which guys adored (guys apparently don’t go for sullen, snarky women like me), this cutesy laugh which only materialized around guys (she doesn’t laugh like that with girls) and a coquettish voice (which she also doesn’t use with girls). The other girl had a pixie cut, also big eyes and flawless skin. Of course, both of them were le petite, which is what a lot of Asian guys dig.

Me?  I ran with the jeans and sweater, make-up-less crowd.

Throughout our trip, the Engineering guys hovered over these girls like bees to honey. Everywhere we went, they had a posse of at least three or four guys in tow. There was this guy whom we nicknamed Hush Puppy because he just looked/acted so much like a love-sick puppy, the way he was following her around everywhere.  It was funny because both girls were dating and these guys were still hounding after them. All’s fair in love and war?

While in Italy, a girl in my group fell down and twisted her ankle. It was pretty bad; she had it bandaged and was hobbling around on one foot. And then another friend also fell down (what can I say, we’re klutzy) and scraped her knees. We had two injured girls doing their best to keep up with the tour group lol.

After checking in to our inn, everyone came downstairs to chill. The guys were all sitting on short stools outside the entrance, and none of them offered a seat to my injured friends, despite clearly seeing that they had bandaged knees and ankles and what not. Fine, so we went to look for our own seats further away. But then… the two pretty girls came downstairs and BOOM. Suddenly there was a whole row of empty seats, because all the guys stood up as if their asses caught fire, fighting to offer their seats to the ladies. Why this selective chivalry, men?

But the incident that took the cake was while waiting for the Eiffel Tower to light up in Paris. We got there at a bad time and it was raining heavily. The four of us had to squeeze under a tiny umbrella (not even a proper umbrella, it’s like those light lady umbrellas that people carry around to avoid the sun). So there we were, getting soaked, and we see guys crowding around the two girls, who had at least four or five choices of umbrellas. And guess what? Not a single drop of rain got on them. The Hush Puppy even protectively ‘hugged’ one of the girls close to him so she wouldn’t get wet.

That struck us as so absurd, and so funny, that we started laughing like crazy women under the rain, watching the Eiffel Tower lights come on and shimmer against the Parisian skyline. I’ll never forget that experience.

Anyway, that’s about how the guys acted during the trip. What about the girls themselves? 

I have nothing against them, but travelling with people can be a pain. Emotions run high when you’re tired and trying to catch the next train, and you tend to fight. It gets worse when you’re travelling with someone who is used to getting what they want on a silver platter. In Chinese, we call it ‘princess syndrome’. And one of these girls? She had terrible princess syndrome.

Want an umbrella? Voila, umbrella. Want seats when you’re tired? Hey presto, many seats to choose from. Obviously I don’t have a dick and I didn’t feel like any other girls were entitled to anything more than I did, so when they pulled off their minor tantrums on me, they got hell in return.

We were in a London restaurant and there wasn’t enough room.  They wanted to sit with the big group but we couldn’t pull the tables together, and were making a whiny fuss out of it. When Eris is hungry and you delay her food-eating process, you will get hell – therefore, they got hell. I think they didn’t speak to me for the entire trip because I just lost my temper with them and told them off.

The funniest thing is that girl with princess syndrome? She always says that ‘girls don’t like her’ or are mean to her because they think she’s pretty and are jealous. Wow, full of yourself much? I don’t like you coz you’re acting like a princessy btch.

So I guess my problem isn’t really about people being pretty – it’s really the attitude of these so-called pretty girls, who think they’re entitled to sht because of their looks, and society which instills these thoughts into them. Be proud all you want about your achievements, and your personality, because at the end of the day, looks fade away. “That sounds like something a bitter, non-pretty person would say to console yourself”. Maybe. But I also know I have people who love me for who I truly am, and not for how I look.

If you’re beautiful, good for you. But to be beautiful from the inside out is a different story. Don’t be one of them pretty girls with princess syndrome, and please…. appreciate your beauty and be kinder for it.

As David So puts it, you don’t want to be on the other end of the stick.


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