Japanese Lunch: Izumi @ Nu Sentral & Sushi King, The Mines


[Update: Izumi is permanently closed]. 

I was rushing for an interview at Nu Sentral in KL the other day. With only a few minutes for lunch, I ordered a quick chicken karaage bento (RM12.90) from a Japanese stall called Izumi at the mall’s food court. Was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the food was!

Four largish pieces of deep fried chicken –  salty and well-seasoned on the outside, crispy and juicy on the inside – lying on top of a bed of lettuce, shredded cabbage, pickled daikon and rice. The miso soup tasted good too – not like some powdery sht you get from commercial chains. For the affordable price, I think it was a good deal. No wonder the place was packed with the office crowd.

They have loads of other stuff like Ramen, Udon, Teppanyaki and more.


Level 3, Quizinn Foodcourt, Nu Sentral Shopping Mall, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur


Had Japanese food again for lunch today. Nope, I don’t get tired of it!

The nearest place for a quick fix is Sushi King at The Mines. I always grab their Mix N Match set, which costs only RM14.90 for two items of your choice. Got the Tsukimi Udon and Mini Tempura. The portion is of course, not as big as the regular one but enough for me. I like how they have fried tempura batter bits swimming in the tempura soy broth, and the half boiled egg adds more flavour. Tempura was done well and very value for money, since there were two pieces of prawn, long beans, and a piece of chicken.

Also got their Chuka Idaako (Marinated baby octopus). The version here always tastes better to me than the Sakae Sushi one.

This post was pretty random. Are you hungry yet?

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