Kitties at A&W Puchong Permai, Puchong

Why pay extravagant prices at a cat cafe when you can play with the furry kitties at your neighbourhood A&W? 


This sweetie responds to ‘miming’. I suspect the A&W staff feed her because she is unafraid of humans and keeps popping into the air-conditioned area whenever someone opens the door (the staff carried her outside several times). She seems to be the resident cat, because the last couple of months I was here she was already walking around the place. She likes to sit in the decorative box dividing the petrol station outside with the restaurant’s outdoor patio, next to the plants.


There was also a male tabby. It was hugeee. Didn’t pet it because it looked mean, like the kind filled with testosterone and wont hesitate to scratch your eyes out. It sat at the foot of my chair lol.


Simon and I had our usual unhealthy dose of cheesy beef and chicken nachos.

Don’t judge, I don’t have them very often. 😛


Nothing like an ice cold root beer in 32 degree Celcius weather.

February is one of the hottest months in Malaysia, so we’re all bracing ourselves for the scorching sun and prolonged periods without rain. Drink lots of water and don’t get dehydrated! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Kitties at A&W Puchong Permai, Puchong

    1. They are! I think there are dog cafes too but not here in Malaysia because we are Muslim majority, the permits to apply would be endless. Anyway, they are great places to destress 🙂 Nothing like furry friends to keep you company at the end of a long day.

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  1. Nachos + Cats ! ❤
    We just visited a place called the Purradise Cat Cafe here (Petaling Jaya/KL area) and it was pretty great. Haven't gotten a chance to write about it yet.


    1. Its a dying brand. We used to have a lot of fast food chains like Long john silvers, shakeys, popeyes… they slowly died out due to McDonalds and KFc taking over everything. 😦
      Oh well, at least u hv jollibee ! I love the chicken joy meal they serve. Too bad there are no outlets here.


      1. We used to have Popeye’s here as well but that died sooner than the others.
        As for Jollibee, I believe it would outlive the first generation that tasted it. XD
        Do you have something like that there? A local successful fast food chain?


      2. We do have a fastfood chain called Marrybrown, but it is actually doing better in the MiddleEast than in Malaysia .__. Malaysians are very monotheistic when it comes to our fast food choices.


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