The Gravy Factory, Nu Sentral KL

My philosophy in life is ‘never say no to good gravy’.

Okay, so I just made that up after my visit to The Gravy Factory in Nu Sentral, KL. It’s still true though – gravy is groovy, baby. 


Tucked in a quiet section on the mall’s fifth floor, The Gravy Factory is spacious with tasteful black and red furniture, wooden flooring + brick walls, and patio with awesome outdoor view. The tall glass windows let in lots of natural light, so it’s the perfect place for Instagrammers to get pretty food shots lol. They had a couple of lanterns and angpau packets as deco for the Chinese New Year.

20160119_140542-tile 20160119_140548-tile

The place prides itself in serving food with all sorts of gravy and sauces. The food is mostly Western, with a few local dishes. Soups, pastas, salads, chops, etc.


Since it was lunch time, I went with the Hainanese Chicken Chop (Rm21.90+) set, which came served with iced lemon tea.

20160119_141011-tileThe dish was said to have been invented by the local Hainanese Chinese people, who worked for the British in colonial Malaya. It is a perfect marriage between East and West.

The version here: Sizable deep fried chicken thigh, nicely coated with crispy batter. It came served with perfectly crunchy potato wedges, mixed vegetable salad and the special sauce made from sweet onions, peas and carrots. I loved the gravy – it was like regular gravy but with a sweeter, tangier flavour. The chicken was done well too: crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and not too fatty.



Finished off the meal on a sweet note with their Chocolate Orange Cake (RM11.90). The server took it to reheat… I would have preferred it to be chilled. The chocolate cake was hard even after steaming, and the chocolate sauce in between was too sweet for my liking. I enjoyed the orange and caramel drizzle and caramelised orange slice though.

Overall, the food was good, service was prompt and friendly, and it’s a very nice place to chill. Would come back if I’m in Nu Sentral again 🙂

L5.05, Level 5, Nu Sentral, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+603-2276 3373

Opening hours (daily): 11am – 10pm


Author: Luna

Bibliophile/foodie. Drop me a line at

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  1. It looks lovely! Can you imagine that ice lemon tea doesn’t taste as good anywhere as in Malaysia? I was just in Florida and ordered “ice lemon tea” and the waitress didn’t understand me 😛 After going on a bit about it, she went “oh, you mean lemon tea”. It came with ice anyway. Whaaaat!


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