Kazu Sushi, Viva Home Cheras

Update: This restaurant is permanently closed.

It’s already the middle of January. Time sure flies! I met up with Bel and we went to celebrate Jo’s birthday at Viva Home Mall, Cheras: just a simple dinner and drinks. The place is quite dead other than their F&B, but it’s closer to where she stays.


We went to Kazu Sushi, a Japanese restaurant. The outlet was spacious, with private dining areas where guests have to take their shoes off. The walls were decorated with classic Japanese-style paintings. We opted for the circular wooden booths. There was also a conveyor belt but hardly any sushi on it.


Prices were higher than average at RM20+ and above. There was sashimi, sushi, temaki, ramen and bento.

I forgot the exact name of the bento I got, but I remember that it cost RM30. The set came served with Japanese white rice, salad in vinaigrette, two pieces of fried ebi (shrimp), fried scallop, breaded oyster and chicken in a teriyaki sauce. The chicken was fried instead of grilled, but it had a ‘dry’ texture, like the meat wasn’t fresh. The tempura wasn’t done well either as it had more flour than filling, and was doughy.

The only saving grace was the chawan mushi that came served with the bento. This was soft and eggy, with generous bits of mushroom and crab meat stick in it. They also served the set with Miso soup and fruits.


Bel and Jo got another bento, which had chicken gyoza, salad, grilled teriyaki salmon and rice.

Overall, the food quality was meh compared to the price we had to pay. There are probably better Japanese restaurants around Cheras at a cheaper price.


Lot No G03-03A Ground Floor, Viva Home, No 85 Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


It was still early after dinner, so we went to Starbucks. Got raspberry cake and peanutbutter marshmallow chocolate cake for Jo. I haven’t had Starbucks in forever and downing their Caramel Chocolate after a long hiatus from sugary drinks was a little overwhelming.

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