I was upset about a friend today.

Maybe she won’t be a friend anymore after today.

If you’ve read my previous posts here and here, you’ll know why.

Time and time again, I’ve hinted to her that it is not my job to do hers. 

And time and time again, she takes this help and friendship for granted.

What the logical, INTJ side of me is saying: sit her down and talk it out.

What the other side of me is: afraid that by doing so it’ll hurt both her feelings and mine, and our relationship will never be the same again. I mean, even if we are not friends, she’s still a colleague and our office is really small. If we’re at each others throats all the time, it’ll be difficult to work together. And I have to admit that when I first came to this company, we hit it right off the bat – rare, considering I’m pretty awkward with my fellow females.


It’s affecting me more than it should. Maybe it’s because I haven’t treated someone as a real ‘friend’ in a long time and it’s disappointing when they take your kindness for stupidity. I am generally a laidback person so I’d help out if you ask me to. Once and twice is fine, but not every single time. I have my own things to do and assignments to complete. If I was you, I’d be embarrassed to keep asking someone for their help – or maybe that’s just me. Plenty of people have no qualms about troubling others. I just didn’t realise she was one of those.

The problem with her is that she relies too much on me and my other colleague to solve HER problems. If every single time there’s an obstacle and there’s someone to think for you, you stop using your own brain much. Which is sad, because she’s not incompetent.

Right now, I’ll just keep it professional.

Because you don’t deserve my friendship.

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