The Sheperdoo, One City USJ

Update: This branch is permanently closed.

I met up with my ex-colleague N for dinner recently. After walking a good half hour around One City in USJ, mulling over a very first world problem (what to eat), we stopped at a cosy-looking place called The Sheperdoo. 


A quick glance at the menu revealed that they served Mexican /Latin American food such as nachos, burritos, Tex-Mex burgers, and the like. I was excited because it’s hard to find Mexican restaurants around the Klang Valley other than Chilli’s – there are way more Japanese/Korean/whatever else. But N disagreed.

“It’s easy to find Mexican food. It’s hard to find good Mexican food,” he corrected. Hmm.


Even on a Sunday, it was pretty empty (but then again, One City is a dead mall so). The resto was blasting loud club music, which was not very conducive for conversations. We found a relatively quiet spot separated by wooden dividers and tucked in.


I forgot the exact name of the dish, but it was an appetiser. The mushroom and sweet onion crepes (RM15) was topped with a dollop of fresh tomato salsa and a dash of sour, tangy balsamic vinegar. The crepes were warm and fluffy when they arrived at our table, and the mushrooms/onions came together for a crunchy/chewy texture interspersed with fresh, bouncy flavours. Loved it. My only regret is that the portion was small lol.


Buffalo Wings (Rm16) was super spicy. Had to ‘dilute’ the flavour with cold ranch dressing. It wasn’t bad though, just a tad too salty. It wasn’t value for money because there were only three pieces broken into six.


N had Chicken Quesadilla. The portion was huge – four slabs of chicken and vege-filled tortillas with a side of deep fried spiced potato strips and tomato salsa. Now everyone who knows me knows I don’t fancy veges, so the only way to get me to eat any greens is to wrap it up in something – tortillas, lumpias, burritos, popiahs, etc. Idk, it just feels really fun to eat wrapped items; like you’re giving presents to your tummy 🙂

The quesadilla was awesome. The meat was spiced well, with a strong black pepper flavour and had juices dripping out of the sides of the fluffy tortilla wrap. The potato strips were oily but oh-so-addictive. I think they seasoned them with cayenne pepper or chilli powder. You can order it as a side, perfect for tapas and drinks.


Speaking of drinks, I had Tropical Summer (RM14) which was basically mango/orange cordial. It was refreshing and went well with the heavily spiced food items.

So if you’re looking for good Mexican/Latin American food, Sheperdoo is a good choice! Now I know where to go to get my quesadilla fix. 🙂

The Sheperdoo 

A-GF-07, Sky Park, Ground Floor, One City @ USJ 25, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 018 – 656 8828

Opening hours: 1130am – 1am

PS: Their main branch is at Centro Klang. 

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